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Alice Lee
BA Graphic Design/Animation & MA Curatio
Norwich University of the Arts
Alice is an artist and curator based in Norwich. Having completed an MA in Curation at Norwich University of the Arts in 2013, she manages a monthly programme of exhibitions at The Birdcage pub as well as developing a variety of independent, nationwide projects under the name of Parallel Point. In 2015, she became a member of the steering committee at OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich, and short-listed in both The Visual Art and EDP People's Choice categories for the Norfolk Arts Awards. More ...

Alongside her curatorial practice, Alice is an art practitioner and regularly exhibits her work. Her illustrations have appeared in various poetry anthologies such as Stop Sharpening Your Knives (Egg Box Publishing) and Bird Book II & III (Sidekick Books). Currently she is working on a series of monochrome bird drawings. The imagery has evolved from a need to break objects down into circular, geometric forms and reconstruct them into something simultaneously figurative and abstracted; the textures used are always found or accidental.

Limited Edition Art

Meet Me Halfway

59x42 cm
£ 150.00
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Limited Edition Art

Tawny Owl

30x42 cm
£ 70.00
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