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Do we need another Guernica!?

Posted on August 8, 2011

To those of you in London I hope none of you got caught up in the riots this weekend! It was absolutely insane! My local High street has been completely trashed... really sad to see!


After hearing about the riots last night I started thinking about how art can affect human behaviour! During the war art was either banned or kept very minimalistic in order to prevent the masses to be inspired or influenced through narrative or figurative messages hidden in the art. It is well known that art provokes strong emotions causing serenity or anger with colours playing a major role. It was a hugely threating form of communication in the war and it could never be 100% translated! Hence the ban!

When Picasso created Guernica it made such a huge impact publically and politically, highlighting the horrors of war, that a copy was later hung in the U.N building in New York City and covered up in 2003 when America went to war! Guernica helped to spread the notion that art could go beyond art for art's sake.

If this image is so powerful, so moving and so political do we need a new Guernica for our generation? Do we need an inspirational mural to be reminded of what we have learnt in the past and how we can move forward, something that conveys a message through the art itself! Art is a great can create change in a society!

Please send over your images of inspiration to [email protected] as I'm sure the people of Enfield, Brixton, Tottenham and Walthamstow would love to see them!