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New Art this November

Posted on November 26, 2015

Well haven’t we received a magnificent bounty of artwork this month! In the first of our monthly round-ups of new artwork, we take a look cross all tastes. First up we have:
Having joined us in September, Skin is the first piece from his new collection after having been selected as a runner up in our Secret Art Prize 2015.
Pastel and acrylic on canvas
Christmas present alert! 
Roy’s People strikes again with these individual Bottle Tops.  It isn’t often that we see the Roy’s People’s installations, however, this month we have been lucky enough to 100 delivered to us.  Roy’s People strikes again with these individual Bottle Tops, all with different figures and a variety of bottle tops. 
Hand painted figure on bottle Top
You may know Dan Rawlings for his exquisite hand cut antique saws, but this year has seen the artist branch out (pun unintended) into found canvases. The gilt frames and cut away canvas have proven highly popular, grab this one whilst you can.
Hand cut oil painting and frame.
Yes, that really is all done with spray paint. I know. How much skill does this  young man have! Each layer builds up to these beautiful women with cascading paint.
Spray paint on canvas
Louise McNaught has been very busy this last month, as we have a whopping ten new artworks! See them all here 
Louise McNaught has been very busy this last month, as we have a whopping ten new artworks! Here we have one of her new jellyfish paintings, McNaught explains “Jellyfish symbolise acceptance, faith and 'going with the flow' of life, trusting 'all that is' will provide it with everything it needs “. 
Acrylic and oil paint with gold leaf on canvas
McNaught’s fascination with animals doesn’t just focus on their beauty, but also on their vulnerability. Here, the artist says ”In this piece I have elevated the status of the bee by painting it much larger than it is in real life - giving it an almost God-like status to draw attention to the importance of these pollenators, but at the same time I am highlighting its fragility and dwindling numbers as it is partially starting to disappear into the ether.”
Giclee print on paper
Limited edition of 50
There are so many details to choose from as your favourite here. Do you go for the command to ‘Draw’ and the shopping list, or revel in the detailed branch with the happy birds with hooded eyes and purple breast? Such a difficult decision. Maybe take it home and decide. 
Graphite pencil and watercolour over artist's Moleskine diary.
26 x 21 cm
£ 350.00
After nearly selling out of stock at Moniker Art Fair in October, we have a new one in the gallery!  Raised by the sky has a beautiful luminosity from the 24 k gold leaf that really must be seen in real life to be appreciated.
24k Gold leaf collage
Limited edition of 50.
Polaroid size - 9x11cm
Inside window mount size - 15.5x17cm
Total mount size - 30x40cm
£ 75.00
Liked this? You won’t find this online … 
Written by Curious Duke Gallery blogger Sinéad Loftus.
Lover of all art and fluffy cats.