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Posted on September 27, 2011

Premiere Art Debut Exhibition -

Our opening private view at the 'Curious Duke Gallery ' on Thursday 22nd September was certainly a success.

The intimate and welcoming space was filled to bursting with an eclectic mix of people attracting attention from all areas of London and creating new fans of exciting and innovative illustration. It was a pleasure to see everyone taking advantage of the free wine, friendly atmosphere and range of talent on display.

The star of the show was undoubtedly renowned graffiti artist Nathan Bowen- whose work can be seen adorning rundown areas and building sites nationwide. Not only dominating the ground floor with his brightly coloured canvases and record sleeves , he also wowed us with his creative spontaneity, covering a wall with live drawings from the series 'afterlives', enabling his demonic builders to come to life before our very eyes. A natural orator, we filmed him entertaining the crowd.
The artists housed downstairs showcased a wide variety of talents and demonstrated just how broad a spectrum illustration can be.

Painting was a popular medium among our exhibitors. From Lucy Wragg's humorous reworking of popular brands, to the more intricately detailed and patterned pieces from Rhea Babla and Elizabeth Eisen, we were shown just how one medium can be used to create such wildly different effects.

Catering to more graphic and abstract tastes, were Natasha Williams' pastel tinted, nostalgia tinged photographic screen prints and Victoria Havialand's angular gridded shapes.

The appreciation of the crowd wasn't just restricted to praising our artists but also quite a few sales were made- proving that Premiere art sources the images that people want to buy.

While Premiere Art is not even a week old, we were thrilled with how well we were received and mean to carry on as we started. With our 'Perspectives' exhibition planned for early October and numerous other events in the pipeline, Curious Duke Gallery is the space to watch.