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Your questions answered on buying and selling art

Posted on December 13, 2012

Share your artistic woes with The Art Agony Aunties!

We know how it is, one day you're sketching until your fingers bleed, and the next you're staring out of the window waiting for inspiration to strike.
Or maybe you've recently moved home and you're looking to invest in an art piece, but don't know where to start? The Art Agony Aunties- The AAA, can help.
Describe to us the art related problem that you're experiencing, such as the project that you are working on, the mental block, your tastes in art and what you'd like to add to your home. Ask us anything and we'll endeavour to resolve your issue with advice and inspiration. Maybe even an anecdotal story to guide you on your way.
Whatever your burning question, nothing is too ridiculous or obscure for us. Email [email protected] ,tweet at us  @CuriousDuke or ask on Facebook
P.S You know that piece of art you saw a few years ago but can't remember who it was by? We'll post the description to our followers to put an end to your eternal questioning.
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