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Artists share their romantic experiences

Posted on February 12, 2016

If you’ve left your Valentine’s Day plans to the last minute, you don’t have to raise your white flag. I asked the 60 artists that we represent for their most creatively romantic ideas and experiences. 
We start with Kate Knight:
“So it started after a night out clubbing with my girlfriends in London back in 2004. We woke up a little delicate and decided to go for a full English en masse. As we arrived I noted one of the regular customers at the local pub at which I worked was peacefully sitting in the posh cafe. I politely waved and he waved back. As girls do we were giggling about the antics from the night before as we tucked in to our substantial breakfast. 
When it came to paying we were sorting our money for the bill as we were all skint art students scrambling for our pounds and the bill was well over £50. 
When I asked for the bill the waitress replied, "your bill has been paid"
I said "by who?" 
Waitress: "the gentleman with the ginger hair who just left" 
I was so dumbfounded and flattered, the girls were teasing me and asked the waitress for the rest of the bill, to which she replied 
"He's paid for your friends too!" 
We couldn't believe it, not only was this a huge compliment but he didn't even make any suggestion that he had done so. 
A class act! It's not roses or poems; it's more than that. What a genuine gentleman. When I approached him in the pub, he simply said "the pleasure was mine" and that was that. 
Like my mother always says "don't tell me, show me".
I think I consider myself romantic and I like romantic things but most of the time, I try to pretend that I'm just a macho man. 
The most romantic thing I have done for somebody is to paint a picture of her, and me during our travels and give it to her as a gift for her birthday.
Also, I read something, which I really liked very much and the quote says this: 
"And it occurred to me, standing there, just breathing with her, quiet settling around us, that those might be the three most beautiful words in the English language - We have time."
- Ransom Riggs
For most of my life, even when I was a teenager, I always sent Valentine’s cards (not always to the same person), flowers and even a box full of gifts, including chocolates, a book etc. all with a red theme, and waited hoping that one day I would receive a real Valentine’s card in return but alas, until I met my partner Paul, that never happened. Every Valentine’s day I'd check the mail with an air of great excitement and anticipation only to find a bill and a few pizza delivery flyers. Forget a weekend in Venice and dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower, just one card once would have made my life complete but never to be. 
Sad eh!! I'm such a romantic as well! 
I am completely unromantic! I think the most romantic thing I have ever done is buying my boyfriend spicy Jalapeno cheese haha! Shame on me.
But my boyfriend proposed to me in Jamaica at night on the beach on our anniversary, I guess that is quite a good one?!
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Written by Curious Duke Gallery blogger Sinéad Loftus.
Lover of all art and fluffy cats.