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Introducing artist Corinne Natel

Posted on February 25, 2016

As our festival of interior design, Insert Art Here comes to a close this weekend; we would like to introduce you to the glittering paintings of Corinne Natel.
You can see more of Corinne Natel’s artwork here.
Discipline: Abstract painting
Age: 37
Where do you live? North West London
Where did you study? BA (Hons) Media Production at University of Bedfordshire
How did you get started in you artistic career?
I have been creative from a young age and did well at art. I came to a crossroads at degree level of choosing to study Fine Art or Media Production. I thought I should study Media Production. I went onto to work as a web designer, which was quite creative. After a few years of working I knew something was missing. I started painting again and knew that was the missing piece! I then got the opportunity to leave my job and do some freelance web design work and this enabled me to have the freedom to paint more and more and develop my art career. Painting is my ultimate passion and I feel lost if I don’t paint for a while!
What can you tell us about your artistic practice?
My practice involves acrylics on canvas, which are fluid and run: it is very messy work. I start with an idea which then turns into something else as the paint takes on a life of it’s own. It tries to control you and then you try to control it to go where you want it to go. So it is a friendly battle of who is in control – the paint or me! I leave it to dry, which can sometimes take days. Then I go over it to create many layers, until I am happy with the shape and effects.
How did you come to focus your practice on natural clashes within the environment that you then beautify with exquisite colours?
I’m interested in nature and seasons, while my focus is also on colour investigation. So in applying these themes I love things that are beautiful and pretty but then have that slight contrast of darkness in them, so things that are pretty but not perfectly pretty. Pretty dark mess with space is what I am trying to create. To see beyond perfection, that beauty can be imperfection.
How do you choose your subjects?
I am a very visual person and get inspiration from all around. My main inspirations are nature, fashion, travel and media. I am always inspired by the seasons and time of year and this usually reflects in my work.
Each of your artworks looks like a universe that is growing; do you see each piece as its own world?
Absolutely! I get very absorbed in it’s world when creating each piece. Each artwork does have it’s own unique presence.
Do you have a routine, or an exercise you have to do get you started?
I usually paint later in the day, with some music on and lots of newspaper to prevent mess. I leave it overnight and see how it looks in the morning. I start creating layers, wait for drying and then further layers.
What are your ambitions in the art world?
To continue developing as an artist, have more solo exhibitions and inspire people with my work. 
What advice would you give to anyone starting out?
Follow your heart, be open to ideas. There are no guarantees in the art world. But keep going, keep painting, never give up. Even if nothing happens, just keep going, keep creating! The more you create I believe something will happen at some point and even if it doesn't just do what you need to do.
One of my favourite quotes:
‘Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer. 
Terri Guillemets
Liked this? Insert Art Here will be open this week, Thursday & Friday 11:30-6:30, Saturday 12-4.
Written by Curious Duke Gallery blogger Sinéad Loftus.
Lover of all art and fluffy cats.