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Interview with Lee Herring interview

Posted on May 26, 2016


Here at Curious Duke Gallery, we are known for finding new talent, so when we met Lee Herring a while ago we knew that we had to share his work with you. You can see Lee Herring’s artwork here.


Distant Sunset by Lee Herring


Name: Lee Herring

Discipline: Painting

Where do you live? Chester now, although originally from Sunderland, in the North East

Where did you study? University of Chester


How did you start your artistic career?

I'd always enjoyed art and did pretty well at school so the next step was A-Level, did that, enjoyed that, so went to Uni!  After three years of experimenting with different disciplines and techniques I still was unsure on what I was up to, but knew I liked painting.  Once I'd finished Uni I started volunteering at an art studio for mental health referrals, it was here I was given a studio space (in exchange for helping out) and it was from hours, days, and weeks working away that I discovered my style and developed techniques. It's probably from here that things have slowly evolved. If you look back on my previous work I'm sure you'll see what I mean, but I'd like to think I've progressing all the time...


You take the imagery in your artwork from a very interesting source, tell us about this came about.  

Most of my early work was taken from train journeys, generally from the North East to the North West and back again (not the most glamorous of routes!) I would always be looking out the window at colours, landscapes, sunsets, and snippets of the countryside would jump out at me- it was this inspiration that I would try and relay back in the studio. Sometimes my work just starts with a particular colour and from there it just evolves depending on what I do next.  Although I do less travelling about now, I've moved out to the countryside so this is definitely giving a positive twist to my new stuff.  So yeah, they're based on landscapes, some more abstract than others but that's always the general muse going on!


Sunset Burst 2 by Lee Herring


Do you have a routine, or an exercise you have to do get you started? 

I work from my studio at home, which I really enjoy, some people prefer to keep the painting and home separate but it suits me just great! I like that I have instant access if something just pops into my head I can get on and do it immediately. No particular routine really apart from I put my painting clothes and slippers on as soon as I go in the studio, then every time I leave the studio, I leave my slippers and clothes behind. I'm pretty messy and chuck the paint about so this just stops the house being covered in paint! I work on the paintings flat on the floor, so I lie down when I'm painting most of the time, which occasionally leads to a studio powernap to be honest.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? 

I'd like to hope that I would still be painting away; I love it! I'd hope my work continues to develop and who knows it what direction... 


What is coming up next for you? 

I'm working on a new body of work for The Curious Duke Gallery, so watch this space. You'll also catch me at a few of the art fairs around the country, Hampstead very soon, Bristol, Manchester and Battersea :-)


Do you have any reading suggestions? 

Not art related, but both the Freakonomics I read are pretty interesting. Failing that Paul Gascoigne's Autobiography- I like him a lot.


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Written by Curious Duke Gallery blogger Sinéad Loftus.

Lover of all art and fluffy cats.