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Interview with Curious Duke Framings Craig Keenan

Posted on March 8, 2017

 One of your many skills is framing…how did you establish yourself in the framing industry?

Kind of by accident actually; someone came into the shop I was working in at the time and asked if he could put up a poster for a position as a framer at his company. I got a good vibe from him and immediately asked if I could take the job. I started the following week. 



In your opinion do you think a bespoke frame can emphasize the appearance of an art work?

100%. Putting something in any old frame can do a lot for any piece of art, but the right frame for the right thing can really make a piece. I think very often a decent bespoke frame could make someone purchase something they may not have otherwise have considered. 




What are your top tips for customers when coming in to have a piece framed?

First and foremost look after the work. Make sure everything is done as carefully and considerately as possible. If you have the money use it to look after and preserve the artwork to the fullest extent you can. (i.e. UV protective glass, archival reversible tapes etc.)





What are the benefits of having a bespoke frame done that you don’t have when you buy a ready made frame from a shop?  

Bespoke frames are king!! It makes me feel sad inside to see a beautiful piece of artwork just shoved into a naff plastic or cardboard frame. Sometimes it works but rarely. I think each piece of artwork deserves its own frame and the joy of bespoke framing is two-fold: one - the piece gets its own celebration and conservation, and two - you can make a piece in-keeping with others in your home via some careful consideration and curation.

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