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Secret Art Prize Step-by-Step Guide Application

Posted on April 27, 2017


With only 6 weeks to go to get your Secret Art Prize applications in, it really couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to be in the running to be crowned the winner of Secret Art Prize 2017 and to win £1000…


1- Go to

Here you will find, everything there is to know about our judges Moniker Art Fair Director – Tina Ziegler, Art Critic – Melissa Scallan, Artist  - Otto D’Ambra, Jonathan Levine from LeVine Projects, Editor of AfterNyne Magazine Claire Meadows and Andrew Hosner from Thinkspace.


The Prizes -The overall winner receive representation from Curious Duke Gallery joining the likes of Carne Griffiths and Roy’s People, but they’ll also receive materials from our sponsors Cowling and Wilcox, a cash prize, and exhibition opportunities.

The Overall winner will receive

-£1000 cash prize made payable to the winner

-Representation with Curious Duke gallery

-Mentoring from Eleni Duke

-Cowling and Wilcox vouchers and goodies.

-Work exhibited at Moniker Art Fair

4 Runners up will also receive vouchers and goodies from Cowling and Wilcox, representation from Curious Duke and their work exhibited at Moniker Art Fair


And we want your art -

“You, future Curious Duke artist, we don’t have to see a fully fledged portfolio or your life times masterpiece, we just want to see your potential. That is why we ask for only 1 image on your application, an artist statement, with supporting website links, blog or social media so that the judges can delve into your practice and get to know you as an artist, because we support you, not just your work. Our winners of 2017, one overall winner and 4 runners up will be championed for their talent and creativity, and their future. Enter now, and we may use your images for social media. Apply now and get seen!”


So what are you waiting for?


2- At the top of the page you will find a tab that says Apply.


Press it and you will come to this page ...






You will be greeted by this, simply press the login button, and then 'Are you a member? 'You will then be asked to register with your username, email address and password.

3- You will then be shown a page that looks like this the photo below. It will ask for your name, how to contact you, about the artwork you are submitting such as materials, dimensions, framed or unframed and a statement.


4- You will then be asked to complete the payment of £15 to submit your work. This fee goes toward running the art prize and funds the prizes.

Once you have done this, please contact us if the PayPal email address does not match your registered email address in order for us to match your payment to your submission.


5- After applications close on 30th June, your submissions are passed to the judging panel to deliberate, whilst we publish your pages for the opening of the People’s Choice Award. We will email you about this nearer to the date with times and how to share your page to get votes.


Apply now!


If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, contact us on [email protected]


Best of luck and I look forward to seeing your work!



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