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Top 5 exhibitions this week!

Posted on April 27, 2017

Top 5 Exhibitions this week


Geta Bratescu The Studio: A Tireless, Ongoing Space

Camden Art Centre

7 April - 18 June 2017

Romanian artist Geta BrÄtescu’s (b.1926) vivid practice has comprised performance, textiles, collage, print-making, installation and film. Living and working in Bucharest throughout CeauÅescu’s totalitarian regime, BrÄtescu embraced the studio as an autonomous space, free from economic or political influences.

Concerned with identity and dematerialisation, BrÄtescu conjures questions of ethics and femininity through her longstanding curiosity in mythical and literary figures, including Aesop, Faust, Beckett and Medea. These concepts have underlain much of her work through experiments in material rearrangements, charting the movement of her hands, the disappearance or concealment of her own image, and performing to the camera through her photographic series and films.

Her exhibition will focus on this lifelong approach to the studio as a performative, contemplative and critical space to reflect on one’s own position in the world.


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Secundino Hernández: Paso

Victoria Miro Gallery I

1 April - 6 May 2017


Dramatic contrasts of colour and scale inform displays in the ground and first floor galleries. In the ground floor gallery, a series of large-scale gestural canvases based around the primary colours, red, yellow and blue, find their apparent opposite in a monochrome ‘palette’ work. In contrast, the first floor gallery features ostensibly monochrome paintings, energised through linear dynamism and derived in part from a process of removing paint with a pressure washer. Almost archaeological in nature, this method involves the artist erasing pigment to expose the canvas beneath. The resulting ‘wash’ paintings have a dramatic, exploratory quality and openly display the triumphs and struggles of the artist’s practice. Discussing the tension between calculation and spontaneity in these works, Hernández says: “When the works succeed I don’t see geometric shapes any more. I see a dance between pictorial languages and a balance between something which is very much under control and something else which is accidental.” They find their opposite in a monumental, richly coloured painting, the largest example of a Hernández ‘palette’ work to date. Created through a highly visceral accumulation of pigment, the palette works, which the artist refers to as being “like a diary of everyday life in the studio”, are like extended versions of the functional artist’s palette, expanded in scale and through the duration of their making. 

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Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017

Tate Modern

Until 11th June 2017

What are we to make of the world in which we find ourselves today?  Contemporary artist Wolfgang Tillmans offers plenty of food for thought.

This is Wolfgang Tillmans’s first ever exhibition at Tate Modern and brings together works in an exciting variety of media – photographs, of course, but also video, digital slide projections, publications, curatorial projects and recorded music – all staged by the artist in characteristically innovative style.

The year 2003 is the exhibition’s point of departure, representing for Tillmans the moment the world changed, with the invasion of Iraq and anti-war demonstrations. The social and political form a rich vein throughout the artist’s work.

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Another russia: Post-Soviet Printmaking


Until 11th June 2017

Discover how the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 coincided with a period of creative innovation in Russia. Print has become an important component of recent Russian art practice. The relationship between printing and publishing, strictly controlled under communism, made the new conditions of freedom all the more inviting.

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The Science Museum

Untill 26th June

The Science Museum Group's collection of historical ship models has been dramatically reimagined for a new exhibition by internationally-acclaimed fine art photographers Anderson & Low.

Voyages represents a surprising reinterpretation of a much-loved collection charting the development of maritime history. Looking at these models through the protective sheeting that covers them has had a radical effect on both scale and context.

Anderson & Low have used this additional layer as a prism, to separate out a new spectrum of fantastical narratives. Created using only ambient light, the resulting photographs resemble monumental Turneresque seascapes and project the recurring themes of fantasy, artifice and perception common in Anderson & Low's many varied works.

Having been displayed for almost half a century before the decommissioning of the Science Museum's Shipping Galleries in 2012, the models have been subject to careful conservation over the intervening five year period. This new series of photographs by Anderson & Low represents an intersection between art and science and gives new life to a valued part of the UK’s national collection.

Visit our Media Space gallery until 25 June to experience this stunning exhibition.


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