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Peoples Choice WINNER

Posted on September 7, 2017

The People's Choice winner and over all 3rd place JIVER! 

Check out his winning piece and learn a bit more about him with our 60 second interview!

Jiver is a London based artist who has been making his name in the global graffiti scene since 1997 when he first picked up a spray can. Over the last 20 years he has taken inspiration from some of his favourite artists including Futura 2000 and Dondi as well as his own artistic surroundings. His more recent abstract expressionism work on canvas brings to light some of his influences from much loved artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Franz Kline, whilst maintaining the strong connection to his original art form.


60 Seconds with Jiver


A Massive congratulations, not for only nailing the people’s choice but for then smashing it with the judges and owning a position in the top 5, we are extremely excited to start working with you at Curious Duke!


Please can you start with telling us a little about your practice and where it all started?


Thanks very much, I am absolutely buzzing about coming third, all the votes and support have been overwhelming.

I will try and cram this into 60 seconds but I am not promising anything! My mother is an artist and so was my Grandmother and they took me to my first exhibition when I was 2 years old so I have always been surrounded by art in various forms. I used to stay with my Grandmother a lot and spend hours with her in her studio watching her paint and talking about colours, compositions and the reasoning behind why she painting in the way that she was. In 1997 I was 15 and she took me to an exhibition at the Royal Academy, at the end of it she said that she would buy me a book if I went and chose one. I came across a book called Spraycan Art (the graffiti bible) and she bought it for me, that was it, I was absolutely hooked and my graffiti ‘career’ started. 

After the initial years of being a rebellious teenager I started doing paid graffiti work for people and that has grown ever since. I have flown all over the world, become good friends with some of my idols and met some incredible lunatics along the way and consumed a whole world of Courvoisier! 

At the moment I am still painting some graffiti but I am mostly concentrating on my abstract work, the 2 are linked in various ways but that is probably something we can talk about when we have some more time!  


How do you find working with different mediums, when you have an idea how do you know whether to create it onto a wall or as a painting?


I love working with different mediums, it allows me to create different textures and layers which are all a crucial part of my work. 

My walls and studio work are directly linked but aren’t always the same, sometimes a technique that I have started using will appear in both practices but they are essentially separate.




What has been your most memorable moment of your artistic career to date? 

I can’t pin point one thing, there has been a lot of running, jumping, smiles and some tears but meeting new people and travelling has to be one of the most amazing things about graffiti and my life. I have been sat in a pub with a career criminal, a CEO, a banker, a delivery driver, a drug dealer, a plumber and some others and we have all had the same thing in common, graffiti. There aren’t many other things that will bring such a wide selection of people from so many different walks of life to the same place and that are all life long friends.  

Being part of a team that broke the Guiness World Record for Longest Graffiti Wall was pretty crazy too.   


What would consider the biggest hurdle for an artist nowadays? 

There aren’t any hurdles, there are some challenges but I enjoy those so to me it is all fun mixed in with lots of hard work. 


Lastly – what is your biggest realistic or unrealistic artistic dream?

I would love to have a solo show at The Royal Academy because it is where all this crazy shit started.