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Affordable Artwork - Christmas Ideas

Posted on November 29, 2017

Buy artwork under £500 - Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas!


Let’s face it, Christmas is expensive and finding a gift for an art fan isn’t easy. There’s a huge deal of variety out there, and with that variety comes a great deal of difference and disparity. An incredible, thoughtful gift for one aesthete, may be quite the opposite for another.

But don’t worry, there are a few ways to help you get around the fussiness of your average art lover which won’t break the bank!

Have no fear, Curious Duke have put together our favorite gift ideas together for under £500 that won’t break the bank.

There’s a piece of artwork for everyone! Think about the characteristics...


You can’t go wrong with Zoe Moss’ art work for any Marvel fan.

Super Couple

30 x 42 cm

£ 150.00 (Own art scheme, £15 a month) 


Click here to check out more from Zoe Moss.



Our nature lovers and free spirits will adore this piece by Craig Keenan.




Swedish Joiner

39 x 76 cm

£ 450.00 (Own art scheme, £45 a month)


Check out more from Craig Keegan.



We all know someone who has a soft spot for animals, make their Christmas by gifting them this heart warming piece by Louise McNaught.

Soul Mates (last piece of edition left)  

85 x 85 cm

£ 395.00 (Own art scheme, £39.50 a month)


Check out more from Louise McNaught.


These wonderful pieces by Clare Halifax are perfect for a proud Londoner!



Tower Bridge 

25 x 27 cm

£ 150.00 (Own art scheme, £15.00 a month)


Check out more from Clare Halifax.



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Discover more by filtering your searches and don’t forget you can buy any piece on the own art scheme and spread over 10 months’ interest Free!!