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Highlights of 2017

Posted on December 20, 2017

2017 what a year! 2017 has been an eventful year for Curious Duke Gallery and we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful artists!

We are thrilled to representing a number of new artists also and we are looking forward to working with them more in the New Year! 

To end our year, we would like to go through our highlights…


#1 Secret Art Prize 2017


First of all, we would like to congratulate the winner of the 2017 Secret Art Prize Michelle McKinney an exceptionally talented artist working in the medium of ultra fine woven metal and transforming it into beautiful art work. Michelle McKinney has launched her collection of prints with the Curious Duke Gallery from October 2017 and they are selling quickly – enquire today to get your hands on one.


#2 Easy Hotel


The Curious Duke Gallery has successfully run a project with The Easy Hotel featuring three of our artists.  The project involved the artist transforming a room each at the Easy Hotel. Old Street, London. Curious Duke Gallery and Easy Hotel wanted to create an immersive experience for visitors and allow them to take a step into their favorite artists worlds.



Craig Keenan



Tannaz Orumchi



Adam Bartlett


#3 Sam Peacock


We would like to congratulate Sam Peacock in the achievements he has accomplished this year such as, Novotel Hotel, which is his largest scale work yet. Sam was given a wonderful opportunity through the Curious Duke Gallery to feature on multiple rooms at the Novotell Hotel in Canary Wharf. 





#4 Art Fairs – Affordable, Battersea, Hampstead – Moniker – Clerkenwell Design Week


Running art fairs can be very draining but so rewarding. We ran four art fairs this year.

The Moniker Fair. The New Curiosity Shop showcased up-and-coming artists with unique processes and styles. From resident Cyanotype print maker Craig Keenan to the black and gold polaroids of Andrew Millar, exhibiting alongside Otto D'Ambra, Mark Powell and Martha Zmpounou the gallery brings new, curious and crucial works to art collections.



We had a wonderful time at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead and Battersea. The Curious Duke curated 2 stands featuring an impressive line up. We showcased Sam Peacock, Samantha Gare, Mark Powell, Tannaz Oroumchi, Adam Bartlett, Simone Webb, Andrew Millar and Craig Keenan.



Tannaz Oroumchi also launched a new collection at Clerkenwell design week this year which turned out to be a complete success.


#5 Framing Takeover


The Curious Duke Gallery recently acquired a framing company in January 2017 so needless to say we have been very busy!! We welcomed the wonderful to the framing team artist Craig Keenan and furniture maker Lewis Blackledge who between them have 15 years of experience in making.

We were apart of several framing projects, here’s a few of our most impressive ones:

This Violin was used at the Olympics ceremony in 2012. The Violinist asked the team to box frame it. 

Cirular Frames – Lewis Blackledge has recently been able to add to the work shop a CNC which can cut any shape frame your heart requires.


Curious Duke Gallery have had an amazing year and would like to thank everyone who supported us through out.

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