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Valentines Day | Gift Ideas

Posted on February 9, 2018

 A wonderful day of romance, a day of pure love and affection. But buying for that special someone can be very difficult. Say it with art! Buy your loved one a beautiful piece this Valentine’s Day, and they will love you forever…


We’ve picked our top 3 heart warming pieces.


This is one of our favorites, very subtle and sweet message.


“You Melt My Heart”

Hanna Benihoud. Original Art. 55 x 55cm


Get a little cheeky…


“Love Sexy”

David Buonaguidi. Print. 8 x 6cm


Maybe, something meaningful?


“Aqua Moon”

Lauren Baker. Print. 70 x 70cm


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Still struggling to decide? We’ve all been there… Not to worry! We offer gift vouchers that way you can’t get it wrong. You decide how much you’d like to put in. We will frame it up, all pretty for you to present to your loved one.   Your generous gift can get them original and limited edition art from our website and in store. Alternatively, they can put your gift towards commissioning their own artwork from our artists. Our very own currency can be used within twelve months of purchase on all our goods. These little wonder gifts are perfect for the indecisive, and downright fussy.