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No Opportunity For Regret | A Solo Show By Chris King

Posted on February 15, 2018



Discover an America less seen in the new Photographic exhibition at Curious Duke Gallery


London’s Curious Duke Gallery is hosting a fascinating photographic exhibition this March No Opportunity for Regret, by Chris King.  


Taken from his forthcoming book, No Opportunity for Regret this collection of striking images, captured by Chris on his travels, brings the viewer on a journey across the United States and beyond.


Highway liquor stores become lonely beacons of neon light in the surrounding emptiness, telling of an American no-man’s land halfway between civilised society and the lawless wild (an effect magnified by the choice to photograph them at night, as if floating in inky isolation).


Elsewhere, wide, atmospheric panoramic show the unexpected beauty of places deserted at dawn and dusk, while fleeting glimpses taken from the speeding vantage point of the highway show ominous storms rolling over windswept corn fields. Speaking of his process, Chris explains: “Photography is very experiential for me – a lot of the images are taken when I’m on a trip somewhere in a very particular ‘photographing’ mind-set. On occasion this means watching out of a car window with the camera ready, other times this means walking or driving for miles.” 


“The solitary nature of this process is one of the reasons that none of the photos have any people in them. Printing and exhibiting my photographs means that the human part comes from interactions with people looking at my images, and conversations about where and when the images were taken.” No Opportunity for Regret will be on display between 1st March – 31st March at Curious Duke Gallery, five minutes walk from Old Street tube. Work starts from £1500, and because the gallery has a sister framing business, framing can be arranged there and then for an additional fee if required.