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Interview with Stephanie Mill

Posted on April 8, 2019

Interview with Stephanie Mill




Stephanie is an abstract-digital artist her work focuses on our relationship with the natural and digital worlds around us. Having studied colour theory as a graphic designer, then captivated by the segue into colour therapy and the intuitive language of colour, her work deals primarily with communication and human connection.

The concepts behind the artwork are just as important as the aesthetic - it’s my intension to inspire more joy in the world through my creative practice by producing artwork that makes you smile from the inside out.


“I’m all about those good vibes!”




1. What is your work about?

The “I AM” series is about visually representing what is means to be alive - a particular moment and feeling captured in time.

I’ve always been fascinated by the “aliveness” of photography, and first learnt to take photographs on my Dad’s 1960s Pentax SLR camera. He taught me how to read the light levels of the surroundings and adapt the settings based on the speed of the film you were using, as well as understanding the science of exposing light particles onto film that captures the image you’re looking at.

With this series of work, I’ve started exploring the alive nature of this medium further by playing with the light particles even more directly. Through the processes of refraction and reflection it’s possible to bend the light and reveal the hidden spectrum of colours within it. It was an instinctual progression to experiment with photographing water which does this by it’s nature, and allows room for serendipity to come into play within the creation process, water being alive (and key to life) itself. 



2. What does it mean to you?

The words I AM hold a lot of symbolism and power for me, as what you put after these two words defines your reality. It can also be read as complete in itself, and if we decline the root ‘I AM’ becomes ‘We Are’. To quote Bill Hicks “We are all one consciousness experiencing itself”. I agree with this sentiment. 

3. How did it come about?

This series came about through an Artist Residency I took part in last summer, inspired by the theme of The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell. Through discussion and shared stories with friends on what a Hero meant to them, people spoke most of movements of individuals coming together to challenge the status-quo, and the seemingly ordinary acts of service which we are all capable of, that have a huge impact on those on the receiving end. The everyday hero that stepped into their lives and made a big difference - the hero that we can all be to someone else... ‘I AM’ - a hero!




4. Why did you decide to do a circle piece?

As this idea stemmed from the concept of The Hero's Journey which is a circular narrative it was fitting to work with circles for this series. I also really love regular shapes, circles feel calm and balanced. The shape also changes the way that you view the artwork... people have told me these pieces look like magic portals you can jump into, which is fantastic!



5. Why do you think these circle pieces are so popular?

Circular pieces are a breath of fresh air! As technology advances it allows for more scope in the ways we can produce work. The Circular Framing Company has been absolutely killing it with their custom made frames and attention to detail. Circle art has a totally different feel to it that sets the vibe of the room.



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