Ironsea 29

By Sam Peacock

£ 2950.00

The Ironsea series represents a long awaited ambition to look at Britain’s trade links and its underbelly of routes and lines which draw towards a capital. Britain’s coastal ports and its links to the new worlds are studied. Decay creeps in alongside a heritage of Industry. The sugar trade is examined in the materials seen and our relationship with the world is discussed alongside the overwhelming power of the oceans.
“There needs to be a fluidity and clear conversation from one series to the next. It all has to develop, not necessarily in size, but in its own hyperbole of colour and texture. The materials need to develop and a love of liquorice and carbolic soap have played their own parts in the process.”

Carbolic Soap, Liquorice, Demerara, Varnish and Oils on a steel plate

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