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From Apr 5, 2018 to Apr 28, 2018

Discover the hypnotic world of Victorian-era cyanotyping at Curious Duke Gallery.
London, April 5 , 2018: This April sees the launch of one of the most hotly-anticipated solo shows of the year at Curious Duke Gallery: Blueprints by Craig Keenan.

A rising star on the London art scene, Craig has built a reputation as one to watch since winning the Secret Art Prize in 2014 and selling out at Battersea Art Fair last year.

Visitors to the show will be transported back to the Victorian-era, coming face-to-face with a once-common process that has all but died out in the last 150 years.

That’s because Craig creates beautiful, enigmatic cyanotypes.

Developed in 1842 as a more cost effective way to create plans and diagrams (which later became better known as ‘blueprints’), cyanotyping involves the mixing of chemicals and a mastery of light: there’s something of a long-forgotten alchemy to the process, which is reflected in the beautiful, ethereal nature of the work.

Expect to see dreamlike scenes of girls falling through hypnotic blue space, the mesmerising billow of jellyfish through inky voids, and swirling wreaths of azure-tinged smoke.

The overall impression is of being enveloped in a disorientating, ghostly otherworld: each piece is photographically realistic, but set in the context of a strange of unearthly blue ether, has a narcotic, slumberous quality. That’s one of the aspects that first drew Craig to the process, as he explains:

“The thing I love most about cyanotypes is the control of applying the light sensitive area onto the substrate - essentially I’m able to paint photographs, which for me is super satisfying.”

Blueprints will be on display between 5th - 28th April at Curious Duke Gallery, five minutes walk from Old Street tube.

Valentine Day Ideas
From Feb 2, 2018 to Feb 14, 2018

Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine's Day is coming ... and you didn't think this one through.

Forgotten to get your special someone something for valentines day? Don't fear we've got you covered!

From Jan 10, 2018 to Feb 1, 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas - Romantic
From Nov 22, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

We have hand picked our favourite piece for your romantic side

Christmas Gift Ideas - Urban
From Nov 22, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

We have you covered for urban art lovers.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Animal Lover
From Nov 22, 2017 to Dec 30, 2017

We have our heart warming animal collection, finding the one you love can be difficult because all of these are special in their own way!

Christmas Gift Ideas - Macabre
From Nov 22, 2017 to Dec 30, 2017

We have picked out our favourite dark surreal art for you macabre art lovers

Christmas Gift Ideas - Vintage
From Nov 22, 2017 to Dec 30, 2017

We love this vintage collection and hope you do too

Christmas Gift Ideas - Adventurous
From Nov 22, 2017 to Dec 30, 2017

We haven't forgotten the adventurous bunch!!

Curious Christmas Shop
From Nov 30, 2017 to Dec 25, 2017

The Curious Gallery invites you to the Curious Christmas Shop 🎅🏼

Bring your family down for the Whitecross Street Christmas lights between between 4pm - 6pm, Roscoe Street, EC1Y 8LA.

Grab a bite to eat at WX Food Market, open until 6pm.

Take your kids down to visit Santa in the grotto.

Join us for a glass of mulled wine and buy the most exclusive gifts at the Curious Christmas Shop, open until 8pm 🍷

We have wonderful gifts lined up:
✨ Ceramics
✨ Jewellery
✨ Knitted accessories
✨ Terrariums
& more..

Autumn Treats
From Sep 15, 2017 to Oct 31, 2017

Pop down to the gallery for our Autumn treats!!

Click the link below to see whats in the show!

The Joy of Abstract Drawing
From Oct 25, 2017 to Oct 25, 2017

Wednesday 25th October 2017, 7-9.30pm

Curious Duke Gallery, 173 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JT

£45 including materials


FACEBOOK : « The Joy of Abstract Drawing »

Come and join Blandine Bardeau for an evening of abstract art making in the beautiful Curious Duke Gallery space. We will explore free drawing using simple yet powerful exercises aimed at loosening-up into a playful, more childlike state of creativity.
Most of us as adults are terrified of making a mistake, doing the «wrong thing», and as a consequence we have stopped making art at all. This workshop aims to open-up a new page, to go beyond the fear and pressure of producing a «good result», to see that we can all make art and that it is an enjoyable, powerful practice. Students will be encouraged to experiment, play and try out new things and to start developing their own artistic language. No previous experience required, just a willingness to explore and be surprised.

In this workshop you will:

-Learn exercises you can easily use to start abstract artworks

-Learn to enjoy the process rather than focusing on the end result

-Produce some exciting and surprising artworks

-Discover how inspiring art making with others can be

If you have any questions, email me: [email protected]


"I had identified a need to devote some time to concentrating on my artistic practice. The course proved to be exactly what I wanted and needed. I spent time supported by a group of like-minded yet creatively diverse people in an atmosphere of calm, and with activities led by someone with whom I immediately felt a connection and whose philosophy and approach to the subject gained my immediate respect." Susie

Affordable Art Fair Battersea
From Oct 19, 2017 to Sep 24, 2017

Join us in Battersea Park this autumn as we bring you 1000s of original, contemporary artworks from an array of UK and international galleries!

Curious Duke will be at stand I2 with artists:
Sam Peacock
Samantha Gare
Mark Powell
Tannaz Oroumchi
Adam Bartlett
Simone Webb
Andrew Millar
Craig Keenan

Moniker Art Fair
From Oct 5, 2017 to Sep 8, 2017

Curious Duke and the Secret Art Prize will be at the Moniker Art Fair 2017.

Curious Duke Gallery Stand 23

This Year Curious Duke Gallery presents:
The New Curiosity Shop showcases up-and-coming artists with unique processes and styles. From resident Cyanotype print maker Craig Keenan to the black and gold polaroids of Andrew Millar, exhibiting alongside Otto D'Ambra, Mark Powell and Martha Zmpounou the gallery brings new, curious and crucial works to art collections.

Secret Art Prize Stand 24
Secret Art Prize, now in its fourth year, continues the search for
excellence in contemporary and urban art, bringing the latest in talent to Moniker Art Fair.

by Curious Duke Gallery, the Prize is famed for nurturing contemporary, surreal, urban and street art by artists in the early stages of their career and beyond, beginning with their own exhibition of works at Moniker.

Following the scrutiny of a panel of industry judges, SAP awarded the talents of Fleur Alston, Jonas Ranson, Mr Jiver, Gerald Foltete and overall winner Michelle McKinney with their first public display at Moniker Art Fair. A great opportunity to discover new talent and support of the growth of their promising careers.

WX Street Party
From Jul 15, 2017 to Jul 15, 2017

From Jul 4, 2017 to Jul 15, 2017

MIGHT - An exhibition by Samantha Gare. Supported by Curious Duke Gallery and Bloodwise.

Curious Duke Gallery are proud to support Samantha Gare and Bloodwise by helping raise money for individuals diagnosed with blood cancer.

Curious Duke and Samantha Gare would like to to take the opportunity to raise money for Bloodwise a charity that fund world leading research and offer expert information and support to anyone affected by one of the 137 different types of blood cancer. 50% of all sales of Samantha Gare's art work will go towards Bloodwise.

A Statement from Samantha Gare:

'At the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukaemia, call Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML). Before 2000 my prognosis would have been very different to today, with an average life span of 3-6 years. 3-6 years! Whenever I read this I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky and forever thankful for the research into blood cancers. Although CML is not currently curable, my treatment now only consists of a daily pill! I was so surprised when I was told this treatment even existed, assuming I would have to undergo fully fledged chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Unlike conventional chemotherapy drugs, this ‘magic bullet’ drug targets the cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells alone. Not only has this changed my own life, and many others, but has also been described as the dawn of targeted cancer treatment.

Unfortunately there are so many types of blood cancer still affecting and taking many lives and it’s charities like Bloodwise that have helped fund the research for treatments like mine. Therefore I’m so proud to be able to support Bloodwise by doing something I love. 50% of all sales from this exhibition are going to Bloodwise. Donations will:

· fund research into cures, for every type of blood cancer
· develop better tests, so people can get a quicker, more accurate diagnosis
· help us raise awareness of blood cancer
· provide expert information and practical support, for every person affected by blood cancer

We all have our mountains to climb, usually mine are drawings, but as I conquer my own metaphorical mountain, I’m forever thankful that I can enjoy the view on the climb, that my heart is still beating, and life is still there to be lived. Getting cancer is very unlucky and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I’m also finding this experience strangely positive, making me cherish everything I have, living life to the full and fighting for the things I believe in.'

Simone Webb: A Floral Dialect
From Jun 1, 2017 to Jul 1, 2017

For this show Webb wanted to focus on depicting flowers with positive connotations - 'something I feel is much needed considering the worlds current events.'
Whilst floriography was very popular in the 18th century with the Victorians sending flowers to portray their feelings or intentions, the language of flowers has evolved into something much more multifarious than ever. Black roses not only portray death and sadness but also signal the birth of a new era of hope and joy, allowing the ability to see beauty and positivity in something that was once only viewed as morbid. Of course, we also have certain flowers that evoke emotions within us, allowing us each to create our very own personal language of flowers.
The pink roses of Grace I and Grace II emit a trait admired by many, whilst the copper and silver leaf of the falling pollen in both Fecundity I and II represent the hollyhocks association with fertility and fruitfulness.
Each piece hints to a gentle reminder that if we stop to take in our surroundings, there is always something injecting positivity into our everyday lives.

Dates: 1st June - 1st July 2017

Private view 1st June 6-9pm

[email protected] /

173 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JT / 020 7251 655

Fragments by Mr Four Fingers
From May 4, 2017 to May 27, 2017

Curious Duke Gallery welcomes you to view the latest collection of work by London-based South African artist Mr Four Fingers.

Fragments: Splintered Dreams and Broken Memories

Dates: 4th-27th May 2017

Private view 4th May 6-9pm

[email protected] /

173 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JT / 020 7251 6551

Louise McNaught: Edge of Existence
From Apr 6, 2017 to Apr 29, 2017

One of the UK’s most exciting contemporary artists, Louise McNaught, is exhibiting her new solo show Edge of Existence at London’s prestigious Curious Duke gallery this April.
Opening on 6th April, this exhibition develops the themes explored in her previous solo show, Survival, where she began to look at the plight of endangered species.
Quickly realising this was a topic too broad to be covered in a single show, Louise now expects this to become a body or work that spans several years - and one that will evolve over time:
“This current show, Edge of Existence, features some lesser-known endangered species like the beautiful secretary bird and the scalloped hammerhead shark, as well as some of the more well-known endangered animals.” she explains.
“I also included a unicorn in this show as it makes a statement that some of these animals will essentially become like unicorns - existing in our minds but no longer in reality.”
One of the key aims of this new work is to shine a light on the sheer breadth of animals that are now endangered. In striving to achieve this, she’s sought new ways of looking at these animals, developing her artistic technique in the process:
“I wanted to draw attention to the whole spectrum of endangered animals so there are tiny endangered butterflies like the stunning British Blue Butterfly right up to the Black Rhino, which are enormous!”, she recounts.
“I wanted to show how beautiful each animal is. For example, I’ve focused on just the wings of the White Admiral Butterfly, and blown them up very big so people can see their iridescence in detail, and the Black Rhino has been depicted in intense detail in a large scale of the face, so the viewer can see the 'baked-earth' like skin.”
This intriguing new body of work will be on display between , at Curious Duke Gallery, five minutes walk from Old Street tube.
Work starts from £200, and because the gallery has a sister framing business, framing can be arranged there and then for an additional fee if required.
• Edge of Existence: a new solo show from Louise McNaught, hosted at Curious Duke Gallery
• PV: 6th April 6-9pm 2017  
• Open between 6th – 29th April
• 173 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JT  
• Open Monday-Friday 11:30-6:30, Saturday 12-4  
• Nearest stations: Old Street (exit 6) and Barbican  
• Free

Super Realism
From Feb 2, 2017 to Feb 25, 2017

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman… on his way back from Lidl!

Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present Zoe Moss: Super Realism

• PV: 2nd Febuary 6-9pm
• 2nd – 25th February 2017
• 173 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JT
• Open Monday-Friday 11:30-6:30, Saturday 12-4
• Nearest stations: Old Street (exit 6) and Barbican
• Free

London, January 5, 2017: London’s Curious Duke Gallery is proud to announce the must-see new show of artist Zoe Moss, ‘Super Realism’, launching 2nd February and closing on the 25th February.

Inspired by the eye-popping costumes on display at comic cons, Moss produces unique work based on superheroes and famous icons – with a humorous narrative twist.

These popular pieces juxtapose the fantastic with the mundane.
You’ll find Wonder Woman trudging back from Tescos, Bane chilling in his slippers, and Judge Dredd brandishing a baguette. Enabling the public to see a solo show of hers in a gallery setting for the first time, Moss explains how this exhibition is particularly significant:
‘This show means a great deal to me, as it’s the first time my Icon/Superhero work will be shown all together’, she says.
‘My newer work focuses more on humour - it depicts superhero characters and famous icons in unexpected, everyday situations.’
One of the rising stars in the UK art world, Moss has previously been shortlisted for a number of prestigious exhibitions, including the BP Portrait Award and John Moore’s Painting Prize.

She’s been featured in the Royal Academy Summer Show for two years running, and had her work exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery.
‘Super Realism’ offers a rare chance to view all her superhero work together as one collection, and provides a fantastic opportunity for art buyers to own one of these unique pieces from as little as £150.

So put on your cape, get your spider-senses tingling, and come visit the Curious Duke Gallery for a super surreal experience this February.

A Curious Christmas
From Nov 1, 2016 to Jan 28, 2017

Its that time of year again! CDG exclusively invites you to our very own winter wonderland, We invite you to our PV 'Curious Christmas' Launch party on the 1st of December 2016.


- New & upcoming designers & craftsman
- Mulled wine
- Christmas nibbles
- Christmas jingles
- A charity raffle to win some exciting prizes (In support of make a wish, UK)

& MUCH more!

Some of our artists hung work also includes:

Andrew Millar
Craig Keenan
Louise McNaught
Roy's People
Carley Cornelissen
Lauren Baker
Corinne Natel
Hannah Adamaszek

Show on until the 28th January 2017!

Walthamstow window gallery
From Nov 4, 2016 to Nov 28, 2016

Top London Art Gallery To Exhibit In Walthamstow

In news guaranteed to pique the interest of East London's art lovers,  the capital's leading urban and surrealist art gallery has announced plans to exhibit in Walthamstow next month.

The Curious Duke Gallery, based in Shoreditch, will venture further east to occupy the Walthamstow Village Window Gallery between 3rd-25th November 2016.  

Representing some of the most exciting emerging urban and surrealist artist from around the world, the Curious Duke exhibition offers a chance to pick up some  unique, affordable Christmas presents just before the festive season begins. 

Artists featured in the exhibition will include Lee Herring, Louise McNaught, Roy’s People, Simone Webb, Samantha Gare and Otto D’Ambra.

Speaking of the upcoming show, Curious Duke owner and founder, Eleni Duke, said:

"Walthamstow has been known for a while now as an up-and-coming arts hub, with the development of Wood Street walls and a plethora of art galleries moving to the area. I'm looking forward to introducing Walthamstow to the Curious Duke and showing customers what we have to offer."

All art work will be for sale at prices under £500, with buyers able to make purchases via the Curious Duke Gallery website and pick up their art from the gallery premises in Shoreditch on the following Saturday. 

After Eden
From Aug 17, 2016 to Oct 30, 2016

We are back at The Hoxton, Holborn with Louise McNaught’s, After Eden.

After Eden celebrates Louise’s new print collection which was released in 2016. Her stunning creations feature nature, animals and the celestial realm in glorious hues, where animals are God-like and ethereal. Using a 'mixed-media’ approach; painted drawings mixed with unusual supports such as celestial maps, Louise aims to represent the delicate relationship between nature and ourselves. Sounds dreamy! Come check her out at our The Hoxton, Holborn 'till October.


Nearest tube:

Holborn Station
Convent Garden

Secret Art Prize winner and runners up group show
From Oct 5, 2016 to Oct 29, 2016

Stunning photograph snaps up top honours in London's leading art prize

This year's Secret Art Prize has come to a close - and the winning piece is breathtaking. 

Gina Soden's atmospheric photograph ‘Les Histoires' took the top honour in London's only urban and surrealist art competition, winning the judges' approval to earn her a stand at Moniker Art Fair 2016.

The 3rd edition of the Secret Art Prize has seen the Curious Duke Gallery team up with the world's leading urban art fair, Moniker Art Fair, to find the UK's most exciting new emerging artistic talent. 

This year's competition has see some of the finest work submitted yet, with the judges hard-pressed to chose a winner from the spectacular pieces that made the final shortlist. 

In the end though, there could only be one winner. 

Art lovers will have the opportunity to view Soden's triumphant piece at Moniker Art Fair between the 6-9th October on the Secret Art Prize stand. 

After that, the winning piece, along with stunning works by the runners up - Matt Crump, Tristram Aver, Isobel Cortese and Alexandra Gallagher - will be on display at the Curious Duke Gallery until the 29th October 2016

Secret Art Prize Winners:

Winner: Gina Soden

Runners up:
Matt Crump
Tristram Aver
Alexandra Gallegher
Isobel Cortese

Affordable Art Fair Battersea
From Oct 20, 2016 to Oct 23, 2016

Affordable Art Fair Battersea

You don’t need to be an experienced art collector, nor an expert in contemporary art to find a piece to fall in love with. With 110 galleries bringing 1,000 artists and all the art priced between £100 and £5,000, you’ll be spoilt for choice! On sale will be a diverse and inspiring collection of original and contemporary paintings, editioned prints, photography and sculptures by household names and established artists, alongside emerging talent from our specially curated Recent Graduates’ Exhibition.

Artists with us are:
Sam Peacock
Roy’s People
Samantha Gare
Otto D’Ambra
Mark Powell
Andrew Millar
Simone Webb

Charity Private View £25

Late View£20

Adult weekday Advance £10 / Door £12
Adult weekend Advance £12 / Door £15

Concessions weekday Advance £8 / Door £10
Concessions weekend Advance £10 / Door £13

Children under 16Free

Concessionary tickets are available for over 60s, full time students, and those in receipt of jobseekers allowance or income support. Please bring proof of concessionary status with you to the fair. Please note that purchased tickets are non-refundable.

Moniker Art Fair 2016
From Oct 6, 2016 to Oct 9, 2016

Moniker Art Fair returns for its seventh year on October 6–9 at the iconic Old Truman Brewery in London’s Shoreditch. Building on the foundations of six years experience and it’s continued success, Moniker Art Fair has firmly established itself as London’s premiere event for contemporary art with its roots embedded in urban culture.

Moniker Art Fair will once again venue-share with London’s leading artist-led fair, The Other Art Fair, in what will be a showcase of independent and established talent all under one roof. Over a period of four days this exciting spectacle will attract 14,000-plus visitors to the capital’s East End, forming one of the major satellite events of London’s Art Week when 60,000 visitors descend on the city to form an unparalleled international art audience.

Located in the legendary Old Truman Brewery, with the space’s high ceilings and industrial, cavernous interior, the footprint and edibility of the venue allow Moniker to push the boundaries of the traditional art fair even further and is the perfect location to play host to the 7th edition of MAF.

Artists with us are:
Sam peacock
Mark Powell
Otto D’Ambra
Louise McNaught
Zoe Moss
Andrew Millar

Venue address:
The Old Truman Brewery 85 Brick Lane,
London, E1 6QL

Liverpool Street Station: 5 min walk
Shoreditch Overground: 5 min walk
Aldgate East Station: 10 min walk
Old Street Station: 12 min walk

Private view:
Thursday: 6th October, 5pm-9pm
£14 (£11.20 concession)*
*Limited tickets available, must be booked in advance

Friday: 7th October, 12pm–9pm
£8 (£6 concession)
Saturday: 8th October, 11am–7pm
£8 (£6 concession)
Sunday: 9th October, 11am–6pm
£8 (£6 concession)

Wild Giants Solo show
From Sep 1, 2016 to Sep 30, 2016

London’s award-winning Curious Duke Gallery is proud to announce the truly epic upcoming solo show of breakthrough artist Samantha Gare from the 1st - 30th September 2016 Wild Giants. Private view will be 1st sept 6-9 exhibition will be open to public until the 31st Sept.

In these times of political and economic turmoil, Gare’s soaring mountainscapes offer a welcome respite: a chance to step out of the smoke, chaos and tribulations of London, into the undiscovered wildernesses at the fringes of the planet.

Influenced largely by her own trips to some of the wildest places on earth, Wild Giants captures the remote, sweeping majesty of the edges of the world: the high places where humankind is nothing more than a spec on the landscape.

This collection sees Gare experimenting with dark paints to conjure up mesmerising, star-filled night skies, and flashes of gold to cast sunlight glinting on snow-blanketed slopes, working from photos and sketches etched at the feet of towering mountains as far flung as Peru, Svalbard and Bolivia frequently seeking out the paths few others have trodden.
The artist explains how one of her favourite wild places – and the original inspiration for her artistic direction – is actually much closer to home: ‘I never thought in a million years I’d end up painting landscapes, but a visit to the Isle of Harris in Scotland changed that. Standing at the feet of those Highland mountains gives you a feeling of insignificance that’s at once terrifying, exciting, awe- inspiring and liberating.
Visitors to Whitecross Street can truly immerse themselves in the tranquillity of these soaring wildernesses, with the Curious Duke Gallery transforming under the eerie splendour of the Northern Lights in a unique light show every Thursday throughout August.
Weary of stressful days and grim headlines? Samantha Gare’s stunning Wild Giants is the antidote.

Otto D'Ambra
From Jun 6, 2016 to Sep 6, 2016

Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present Animalarium by Otto D’Ambra. The Italian born artist will be showcasing his refracted world of hybrids and etched prints to Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch
6th June- 6th September 2016.

Otto D’Ambra concocts delightful and sometimes magnificently sinister drawings and prints: it won’t be unheard of to see a stag with its antlers becoming lobster claws, birds feet attached to a suited fox sporting an antique umbrella or even a swimming fish adorned with butterfly wings, and all executed in minute detail.

The Hoxton: Shoreditch
81 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3HU

Nearest tube: Old St
Nearest overground: Shoreditch High St

Beauty and the beasts
From Aug 18, 2016 to Aug 30, 2016

Curious duke gallery presents and introduces one of our newest artists this year, Wildlife specialist Laura Pearse.
Be warned, Our walls will be nothing but a blank canvas brought to life by her beautiful beast creations for her first solo show here with us at CDG. From the 18th – 30th August 2016, You are invited to visit her Beauty and the Beasts. More information to come, Stay tuned.

The Arty Garden Party
From Jun 22, 2016 to Aug 17, 2016

East London’s Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present The Art Garden Party this June. The gallery’s annual summer group exhibition is championed for its curation of new talent and top trends. You can catch up with the latest movers and shakers in the art world this 22 June – 6 August.

The Art Garden Party will coincide with the seventh edition of the Whitecross Street Party (WXSP). The festival that has been dubbed ‘The Rise of The Non-Conformists’ celebrates the East End community and the best of Street Art, with live painting, music and of course tasty treats from the award winning food market. You can catch all of this plus Dan Rawlings cut out transit van on Saturday 16 July, 12-6pm.

Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present The Art Garden Party
22 June-6 August
Curious Duke Gallery
173 Whitecross London EC1Y 8JT

Nearest Tube: Old Street and Barbican

Artists exhibiting:
Alice Lee
Andrew Millar
Dan Rawlings
Fran Giffard
Hannah Adamaszek
Hanna Benihoud
Louise McNaught
Magnus Gjoen
Mark Powell
Roy’s People
Sam Peacock
Simone Truong
Zoe Moss
+ many more.

Whitecross Street party!
From Jul 16, 2016 to Jul 16, 2016

Save the date for this year's Whitecross Street party! Saturday 16th July 2016 from 12 midday to 6pm. The lively art event and two month exhibition - 'The Rise of the Nonconformists' - is a collaboration between St Luke’s Community Centre and artist Teddy Baden, with the support of the London Borough of Islington. It is one of London’s most unique creative experiences with that rare cocktail which can only be mustered up with interactive community spirits, mixed with a sensational splash of urban art and a large dash of the unexpected. It’s a brilliant family-friendly event for both the avid art lover and those that like something a bit different. The events and artists for 2016 will be announced soon. A list of last year’s artists for the exhibition, can be found on the exhibition page.

The Rise of the Nonconformists is a an unusual exhibition which pushes the boundaries of most social norms and expectations. At previous shows we’ve had a comic-book ton weight anvil floating in the sky; a monster-sized pencil scribbling on buildings; and a sniper hiding in a fake window. Some of the most intriguing and important urban artists have been free to rise to the occasion in the environment they best excel in – the street.

Nearest tube: Old St
Nearest overground: Shoreditch High St

Other Altars
From Jun 14, 2016 to Jun 19, 2016

Other Altars presents a tentative response, with work made from a world view that sees the divine in everyday objects and situations. Can breathing life into functional objects, honoring the water that falls in our gardens, and recognizing the active power of the symbols around us, help us stop objectifying our environment, and enter a collaborative relationship with it instead? This show presents three artists understanding of the beauty in the everyday experience and their attempt to reclaim the Other- the a sacred that we have pushed to the side.
Throughout the week visitors will be not only be able to see paintings, scupltures, and collage work, but participate in several performances that allow them to connect with the community around them and these simple everyday rituals that tie us all together.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead
From Jun 16, 2016 to Jun 19, 2016

Curious Duke Gallery will be returning to Affordable Art Fair Hampstead this 16-19 June, and you can be joining us! We will be taking a selection of our artists to stand C3 on the Hampstead Heath site to revive your home and art collection.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead
Lower Fairground Site
East Heath Road

Opening times
Wednesday 15 June, 2016 Charity Private View
5.30pm – 9.30pm
Thursday 16 June, 2016
11.00am – 5.30pm

Thursday Summer Art Soirée
5.30pm – 9.30pm
Friday 17 June, 2016
11.00am – 6.00pm

Saturday 18 June, 2016
11.00am – 6.00pm

Sunday 19 June, 2016
11.00am – 6.00pm

* Admission usually
Charity Private View £25
Summer Art Soirée £20
Adult weekday Advance £10 / Door £12
Adult weekend Advance £12 / Door £15
Concessions weekday Advance £8 / Door £10
Concessions weekend Advance £10 / Door £13
Children under 16 Free

From May 31, 2016 to Jun 11, 2016


From 31 May – 11 June 2016, contemporary art galleries Modern ArtBuyer and Liberty Gallery will be collaborating to showcase a selection of their leading artists in a pop-up gallery in London’s thriving Barbican area.

The two galleries have curated a collection of exceptional artworks, cool prints and inspiring digital pieces to hang in the popular Curious Duke gallery space, 173 Whitecross Street EC1. Artists on show include established names such as Maria Rivans, Bonnie & Clyde, Chuck Elliott, Dan Hillier, Delphine Lebourgeois, Rebecca King, Paul Minott, Alexander Korzer-Robinson, Magnus Gjoen and Emma Cowlam. There will be a broad range of pieces for sale, from unframed prints through to framed unique collages.

It is the perfect opportunity for art lovers to see in person many of the stunning artworks from the galleries’ portfolios and to walk away with an affordable, stunning work of art.

Jessica Lloyd-Smith (Modern Art Buyer) and Patsy Dixon (Liberty Gallery) will be hosting an informal late view with drinks and nibbles on the evening of Thursday 2 June and welcome you and your readers to join us.

Hoxtown gallery presents: Roys People
From Jan 12, 2016 to Jun 5, 2016

Curious Duke are known in the hood for showcasing some of the UK’s best artistic talent. So we thought who better for our next Hoxtown Gallery?

Roy’s People are headin’ over to show off their mad arty skills at The Hoxton, Shoreditch. They’re all for using everyday stuff and teeny tiny hand painted figures to make some pretty humorous pics. Sound like your scene?

Come down and see the world from the eyes of the little people. Running until April 12th.

Tuesday 12th January - 12th April 2015

The Hoxton: Shoreditch
81 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3HU

Nearest tube: Old St
Nearest overground: Shoreditch High St

From May 5, 2016 to May 28, 2016

Art that says it all with Untranslated

East London’s Curious Duke Gallery are proud to present the first UK solo show of Dan Rawlings, Untranslated. Opening this May 2016, Rawlings will be turning the Whitecross Street gallery into an immersive world of hand cut metal and shadows.

Untranslated, the first UK solo show of mixed media artist Dan Rawlings introduces us to his latest collection of hand cut metal objects. Taking the shows title from his fascination with words that have not been translated into English, Rawlings new collection focuses on words such as Waldeinsamkeit, meaning a feeling of connectedness to nature when in woodland. He explains these ephemeral words as a return to “the importance of dreaming, to enjoy the simpler moments” that contradicts our fast paced consumer led lifestyles. Untranslated is the antidote London has been waiting for.

It is this theme of a simpler life that threads through the immersive exhibition.
You will have seen his hand cut antique saws at Affordable Art Fair Battersea and Hampstead; you’ll certainly have seen his hand cut silo lighting up the forecourt of the fair. Untranslated takes Dan’s untranslated words and enlarges them into a shadowy immersive installation of hand cut metal artworks that throw their images onto the walls of the gallery. The soft and playful shadow of people enjoying a simpler life contradicts the found and rusted metal pieces that are carefully hand cut with a laser that grapples with the strength of the metal.

So, how exactly did Dan come to find this method of making art? Rawlings explains it as a ‘happy accident’ after turning to his Grandfather for scrap metal to patch up a door with, and happening upon an antique saw that he recognised his opportunity: “I recognised what I mentioned before about the 'collective memories' and decided to try and keep the saws form in tact and create something from it. It took a while to make some work I was really happy with, but I’m really glad I did.” Untranslated is certainly an exhibition of conversion.

The show is accompanied by a handmade multi lingual dictionary of untranslated words, which act as catalogue of prints. Having hand-made a page of the book everyday, Dan Rawlings has illustrated each word with screen prints, wood block prints and letter press pages, each of which are available to buy. The artist decided to create this book to invite everyone to enjoy the artwork on show, in the spirit of inclusivity.

Untranslated also sees the emergence of a new style of work from Rawlings: cut antique canvases. Having been forced indoors during winter, Rawlings turned to antique canvases to continue making new work and to develop his practice. Having trawled the auction rooms of the UK, Rawlings has specifically chosen canvases that he can ‘collaborate’ with, rather than detract from their beauty.

Dan Rawlings wants your old rusty saws and metal! On Saturday 28 May, 12-4pm Curious Duke Gallery will be holding a metal amnesty, with all unwanted metal going to Dan Rawlings for future artworks. If you are interested in having a spring clean of your garden shed or attic, please send images of your unwanted metal to info(at)curiousdukegallery(dot)com for further details.

Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present Dan Rawlings: Untranslated
PV 5 May 2016, 6-9pm
5-28 May 2016
Curious Duke Gallery
173 Whitecross London EC1Y 8JT

Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

Chasing Ghosts
From Apr 7, 2016 to Apr 30, 2016

Award winning Curious Duke Gallery are proud to present the first UK solo show of Polaroid artist Andrew Millar, with Chasing Ghosts. The East London based gallery invites you to rejoice in all things black and gold this April 2016.

East London’s Curious Duke Gallery is known for nurturing young talent into the bright stars of the art world: Andrew Millar is no exception. UK born Millar joined CDG last year and took the gallery by storm with his distinctive ethereal style. Hailed as a big hit at Moniker Art fair 2015, the artist creates the little known process of Polaroid collage transparencies with finesse and vintage beauty. If you haven’t seen his back catalogue yet, you will soon be falling in love with his latest collection, Chasing Ghosts.

Starring in the latest New Balance campaign, Millar is a style icon behind and in front of the camera. He pours this innate sense of chic into his own photography as he creates visions that border on the mythical and mysterious. The Polaroid’s themselves are dripping with painterly details with Millar’s distinctive style bringing together Vanitas and ethereal beauty of vintage and experimental cinema. From here, he draws on inspiration from the immersive power of illusions that come from these artistic movements that affects a psychedelia.

Chasing Ghosts marks an impressive change to Millar’s practice with the introduction of his large Polaroid portraits. For the first time, the artist’s black and gold Polaroid’s are collected into a grid to compile into one large image of astounding beauty in 24 Ct. gold leaf. With prices starting at £110, you will have to see it to believe it.

With such a large back catalogue you may be wondering how he creates such individual characters. Wonder no more, for we can tell you that each image is created with its own soundtrack that embodies each artwork, with the likes of Aphex Twin and Massive Attack. As for how these exquisite artworks come to be, without giving away trade secrets, we can tell you that Millar uses the layers of film in one Polaroid to create collaged images with 24 Ct. gold leaf inlaid between the sheets. The artist explains this unusual juxtaposition of ghostly image and exquisite gold as “highly complimentary in tone, whilst maintaining an air of the mystical.”

Join in the black and gold revolution this spring 2016. 

Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present Andrew Millar: Chasing Ghosts
PV 7th April 6-9pm
7th- 30th April 2016
173 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JT
Open Monday-Friday 11:30-6:30, Saturday 12-4
Nearest stations: Old Street (exit 6) and Barbican

Contact: [email protected] for more information re: new premises/ the event/ interviews.
[email protected] for guest list

These Fragile Things
From Mar 3, 2016 to Mar 26, 2016

London based Curious Duke Gallery is proud to announce the solo show of artist Kate Knight, These Fragile Things. Bringing the baroque movement to the 21st century, Knight will lavish the Whitecross Street gallery space with rich watercolours, gold, and epic tales of mythology and Mother Nature this March 3-26.

Marmite Art prize runner up, Kate Knight work is heavily influenced by the history of the baroque and rococo art movements, Knight has brought forward associations with prosperity and mirth from the Baroque period and the move toward the decorative during the Rococo period. Working across large scale watercolours, ceramic sculptures of rococo symbolism and biro drawings that exalt in exquisite details of endangered animals, Knight’s solo show transports us away from urban East London.

Graduate of Fine Art Painting at Chelsea College of Art and design (2005), Kate Knight’s latest collection of work, holds a harmony of luscious colours and glittering gold. The sensual details nod towards fertility and a new life for previously vilified aspects of nature and parts of the natural world that have been swept into the endangered animals list. Knight explains that “nature plays a predominant role in this exhibition and I could not turn a blind eye to the climate change we are continuing to experience at such a rapid pace and the consequences.” The concept of a more powerful force than just us is key to Knight’s work, not as a crossover to religion, but as a rebalancing of the huge power that nature is. Mother nature in her splendid fertility wipes out and rebuilds all at once.

Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present Kate Knight: These Fragile Things
PV 3rdMarch 2016, 6-9pm
4th-26th March 2016
Curious Duke Gallery
173 Whitecross London EC1Y 8JT

Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

Insert [art] here
From Jan 4, 2016 to Feb 29, 2016

New year, new st[art]

East London based Curious Duke Gallery; curate a 2-month festival of art meets interior design this winter. Insert Art Here brings together artwork from the gallery’s 60 artists, and interior designers as we question what to consider when buying art, and how to install your art own collection in 2016.

Coming to Whitecross Street this January and February, Curious Duke Gallery will be celebrating all that is beautiful in your home. Be it art, stunning furniture or a room that is screaming out for artwork, the gallery has tips and personal consultations at their fingertips just for you. They will also be introducing new artists to their fold with names such as Lauren Baker, Corinne Natel and Karis Knight joining the TimeOut Love London award winning gallery.

Together, gallerist Eleni Duke and her roster of artists will present new ways of curating your art collection to suit your home, asking how to frame your artwork (Taylored Framing), and how to install the artwork with their handy hanging guide. Interior design has never been so easy. Alongside this, Curious Duke Gallery will be introducing new blog series to their hotly watched website. You will have top 5 artworks picked and curated, from art world insiders such as street art aficionado Bablu Miah, and guest blogs from interior designers such as Simon Dodsworth. The gallery will also be launching a series of art collections online, including the Zen Collection and The Red Collection.

Have you ever wanted an interior design consultation? Well, Curious Duke Gallery is offering you the chance to discuss with them your decorating quandary. Simply book an appointment with Eleni Duke and you’re curating questions will be sorted.

Email [email protected] for an appointment on 6th
February 2016 between 12-3.

Exhibiting artists:
Andrew Millar
Corinne Natel
Hanna Benihoud
Karis Knight
Lauren Baker
Louise McNaught
Otto D’Ambra
Sam Peacock

More names to be announced

Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present Insert Art Here
PV 4th February 6-9pm

7th January- 29th February 2016
173 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JT
Open Monday-Friday 11:30-6:30, Saturday 12-4
Nearest stations: Old Street (exit 6) and Barbican

Rosewood London: Agnetha Sjögren
From Nov 6, 2015 to Jan 31, 2016

Swedish contemporary artist Agnetha Sjögren has been creating iconic dog sculptures for nine years to huge international acclaim, and now she has brought her dogs to the conversational setting of Rosewood London.

Sjogren creates iconic life size one-off dog sculptures using first edition vintage comic books and bespoke fabric to create an autobigraphical collection. Sjogren’s love of travel remains the foundation to the inspiration behind each of the sculptures which have been exhibited in museums and sold all over the world.
Richly coloured and influenced by Agnetha Sjögren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s travels, each experience has brought character-traits to each of her creations, with each pooch coming with its own mini passport and a story within. Sjögren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s signature comic book series welcomes Tintin Crystal to the collection, look closer and you’ll see that the vintage comic book pages wind from the tip of the tail to the nose of the dog, adding a deeper meaning of the text for your reading pleasure; almost trumping your average pet dog with these communication tactics. The beauty with which these tales are retold through these pooches is touching: these dogs become portals of fond memories, whilst taking on their own cheeky stance.

Agnetha Sjögren explains the inspiration of her collection comes down to fear of the pets. “I am afraid of dogs and I wanted to show people what a ‘nice’ dog is. My dogs don’t eat bark, jump, bite or drool. They sit or stand ‘nicely’ all day long, you can come and go as you please without having to worry about them...Now that is a ‘nice’ dog!”

Sjogren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s artwork can be seen throughout the Rosewood London as each life-sized dog peeks out from the halls of the hotel as you wind your way from the lobby to the Mirror Room.

Rosewood London, 252 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EN United Kingdom

Twisted Loot
From Dec 3, 2015 to Dec 24, 2015

Driven by the amazing amount of talent being underexposed in the UK today, close friends Robyn Parker (Archie Mac London) and Kat Arnold (Virginia The Wolf) teamed up to put on a showcase where the worlds of art and design collide.

The result is Twisted Loot, a one-off, three week alternative shopping extravaganza taking place at The Curious Duke Gallery, Whitecross Street.

Kat and Robyn reached out to their circles and have gathered a pool of twenty exciting designer-makers spanning the worlds of art, fashion, jewellery and interiors (with a bit of baking thrown in in the form of Biscu*ts sweary biscuits)

It\'s this eclectic mix of artistic mediums, an idea often overlooked, that drove the selection process behind the Curious Duke takeover. Kat explains:
“Art is not just for those who can quote Picasso or recognise a Matisse. Art is in the clothes and jewellery we wear, the furnishings for our home, the food we eat and the way we absorb everything we see around us.”

“The whole point of Twisted Loot is to provide a really affordable platform for people to sell their work in the run up to Christmas. We\'ve worked our proverbial socks off the last few months to bring this together and have been so happy with the response so far.” Robyn explains.

Affordability was also a key point for Twisted Loot, to make it as accessible as possible to all types of shoppers. There\'s patterned, head-turning home and fashion accessories, geometric and nature inspired jewellery, letterpress stationery, and contemporary art at very affordable prices.

Twisted Loot is a kaleidoscopic breath of fresh air at Christmas, worlds away from the claustrophobic hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. The pop up also allows Christmas shoppers to learn about the stories behind the products and connect with the things they\'re buying.

There\'s one final chance to meet the designers too, with Twisted Loot hosting their last drinks evening on 17th December at 6pm.

Twisted Loot is open from December 3rd until Christmas Eve; Monday to Friday from11:30am-6:30pm and Saturday-Sunday from 12am-4pm. There will be a launch night and private viewing on December 3rd and then further private viewings on the 10th and 17th of the month.

For more information contact Kat or Robyn at [email protected]

The Curiosity Society
From Nov 6, 2015 to Nov 28, 2015

Please note: There will be not be a Private View on Thursday 5th November.

This November Curious Duke Gallery bring us a celebratory exhibition of their roster of artists, known as The Curiosity Society. Acclaimed for their search for all art that falls into urban and contemporary, East London based Curious Duke Gallery bring us a diverse array of abstract painted steel sheets and miniature superheroes, no secret passwords necessary.

Having just celebrated their 4th Birthday, Curious Duke is proud to present their collective of artists in The Curiosity Society. With over 50 artists, the walls of the Whitecross Street gallery will be packed to the rafters with baroque inspired watercolours in velvety purple, abstract maps that reimagine London and neon oil paintings of city life that call to graffiti. If this still isn’t enough for you, we will be introducing new work to the exhibition every week as each artwork finds a new home.

To top it off, prices start from £40, and with Christmas drawing near we’ve got it all wrapped up for you.

Exhibiting artists:
Andrea Tyrimos
David Wightman
Fran Giffard
Kate Knight
Otto D’Ambra
Roy’s People
Sam Peacock
Samantha Gare
Tannaz Oroumchi

Plus many more

Burning with Pleasure
From Oct 26, 2015 to Oct 31, 2015

"burning with pleasure" is an exhibition of works by artists engaging with the status of images in contemporary culture within the form of the book.
The exhibition brings together 60 books, some self-published, some from small publishers, and some still in dummy form. Selected over recent months, they come from Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, the US, and the UK.

The exhibition showcases original artists' books and aims to provide a platform for publications that have little exposure within the traditional book distribution network.

Opening: Tuesday 27th October - 6 to 9 pm
Exhibition continues: 28th October to 1st November – 11.00 am to 7 pm

Yukihito Kono will present 244, an installation and performance piece.
244 explores the possibility of photography in various formats.
Fragments of an image pinned on a wall open a space for interaction with the viewer, who is invited to select prints that the artist binds into a unique book.
Friday the 30th from 4 to 7pm and Saturday the 31st from 12 to 3pm.

What on Earth
From Oct 19, 2015 to Oct 25, 2015

'WHAT ON EARTH?' Photography exhibition by Chris King & Julian Hanford | Curious Duke Gallery, London

Displayed images are familiar, yet detached from everyday reality. Who can say what’s real, what’s not, and where we’re heading? Part of photomonth - East London Photography Festival

Free entry.

CHRIS KING presents quiet landscapes, notably from the new body of work, ‘interface | intersection.’ His pieces invoke the feeling and mood of a place, giving external life to his own experiences. Viewers have a sense that they might walk into the scenes like time capsules. | @docchrisking

JULIAN HANFORD's practice involves combinations of
media with a bias towards photography, while imaginatively embracing the contemporary use of image manipulation. He explores the relationships and mysteries of humankind's
changing relationship with, and understanding of, the universe in which we exist, including the illusions and self-delusions we have
traditionally held to be true. | @julianhanford

All pieces are available for acquisition.
Exhibition powered by Be Smart About Art
"Art is your life. Make it your living." | @besmartaboutart

CHRIS KING (b. 1961)
Having taken photographs since a teenager, the artist now focuses his creative practice on presenting contemplative colour photographs, which appear to be windows into other dimensions. The series 'interface | intersection' has started with 12 photographs, only one of which features the physical form of man. Yet, the viewer is still all too aware of human influence on landscapes and waterscapes.

The artist writes:
“Borders, barriers, transitions, and divisions are fundamental to the universe. Life began when primitive structures developed that
separated inside from outside. Gravity shapes galaxies and gives us up vs down. Natural and artificial distinguish between what we affect and what we have yet to influence. Interfaces
and intersections are everywhere.”

Chris resides in Dulwich with his partner and a number of orchids.


He is a self-taught artist who has been practicing
creatively throughout a long and distinguished career as an award-winning Creative Director in British advertising.
He left the world of commercial creativity to concentrate on conceptual photography, and has since moved into utilising his
talent for ideas and visual communications to forge a meaningful body of fine art. His practice involves combinations of different media, with a bias towards photography, but embracing the imaginative contemporary use of image manipulation. Julian lives in Wimbledon London with his family, cats and Leopard Geckos.

Affordable Art Fair Battersea
From Oct 22, 2015 to Oct 25, 2015

We are returning to AAF Battersea this October 22nd-25th, with great and affordable art. If you would like tickets, please email [email protected] with your postal address and number you would like. We have a limited amount so we will be giving them on a first come, first served basis. Please allow enough time for tickets to be posted to you before the event.

Artists exhibiting:

Tannaz Oroumchi
Roy's People
Sam Peacock
Samantha Gare
Otto D'Ambra
Simone Troung
Kate Knight
Mark Powell
Chris King

Moniker Art Fair
From Oct 15, 2015 to Oct 18, 2015

After last years success, Curious Duke returns to Moniker Art Fair this October at the Old Truman Brewery. Please email [email protected] for VIP Private View Tickets.

Exhibiting Artists:

Zoe Moss
Otto D'Ambra
Andrew Millar
Louise McNaught
Hannah Adamaszek
Andrea Tyrimos

Secret Art Prize 2015: The Winner's
From Oct 1, 2015 to Oct 18, 2015

The Secret Art Prize is an artist’s competition with a difference. Applicants entered with only a first name, short statement and an image, presenting only their talent not their reputation to the judging panel, making the winner a raw talent to be watched. The 2015 judges were Director of Moniker Projects Frankie Shea, artist and blogger Hannah Adamaszek, Founder of ArtPie Pierrick Senelaer, Founder of Inspiring City Stuart Holdsworth and Senior Lecturer in the History of Art at the University of Kent Grant Pooke, a group so varied that combined all aspects of the art world. Not one to leave out anyone, the Secret Art prize asks for everyone’s opinion in the People’s Choice Award which clocked up 10,438 votes overall from the art loving public- an impressive feat for a prize only in its second year.

Exhibiting artists:
Alicia Gradon
Craig Keenan
Detlef Aderhold
Gary Scott
Hanping Feng
Mark Michael
Michael Vincent Manalo
Mister Mistry
Stephen Whatcott

Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year and our sponsors Liquitex!

You can catch Secret Art Prize 2015 at Curious Duke Gallery this autumn!
Curious Duke Gallery are proud to present The Secret Art Prize 2015
PV Thursday 1 October 6-9pm
1-18 October
173 Whitecross London EC1Y 8JT
Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

It's our 4th Birthday!
From Sep 18, 2015 to Sep 24, 2015

Curious Duke Gallery is turning 4! Yes, our 4th Birthday!

We may have popped up in September 2011, but our love of contemporary and urban art was too big to hold us back, so we took Whitecross Street to be our permanent home. After countless exhibitions, art fairs and events we feel the need to celebrate our 4th year!
To celebrate we are offering FREE UK delivery on all artwork bought online-offline, click here to browse our original and limited edition art, with prices starting at £20.

Come and join the birthday celebrations!

Curious Duke Gallery 4th Birthday
Thursday 24th September 6:30-8:30
173 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JT
Nearest stations: Old Street (exit 6) and Barbican

Bring your party hats!

Modern ArtBuyer
From Sep 1, 2015 to Sep 14, 2015

Modern ArtBuyer, the online art gallery and art consultancy, will be showcasing its leading contemporary artists in a pop-up gallery in London’s thriving Barbican area from 1-14 September.

The team at Modern ArtBuyer has curated a collection of vibrant paintings, urban limited edition prints and inspiring digital artworks, to hang in the popular Curious Duke gallery space on Whitecross Street EC1 for the first two weeks of September. Artists on show include established names such as Chuck Elliott, Rebecca King, Maria Rivans, Bonnie & Clyde and Emma Cowlam.

It is the perfect opportunity for visitors to see in person stunning artworks from the online gallery’s portfolio and to walk away with an affordable, fantastic work of art.

We will be hosting an informal late view with drinks and canapés on the evening of Thursday 3 September so please feel free to pop in!

CDG Introducing
From Aug 6, 2015 to Aug 29, 2015

Private View this Thursday 27 August 6-9pm!


Curious Duke Gallery let us into the hottest new creatives as they introduce 9 new artists. From the latest in Street art to the baroque, CDG acquaints us with the up and coming stars of the art world this August 6th, East London.

- Nine new creative talents hit East London
- Street art, pencil drawing, polaroid trickery
- Artwork exclusive to CDG available from £40 - £2250

The inquisitive nature of the Curious Duke Gallery keeps the East London art scene fresh and vibrant. With over 40 artists on their roster, CDG celebrates all that is urban, surreal and groundbreaking/ niche. Gallery founder, Eleni Duke explains “something along the lines of new artists and keeping your collectors up to date.” Since 2011, CDG has collaborated with Hoxton Hotel, have been featured on series 8 of The Apprentice with Nathan Bowen in the Urban art Challenge, BBC Radio London with Agnetha Sjögren, with exhibitions at café\'s such as Look Mum No Hands, Old Street, Long White Cloud, Islington, and Timberyard, Seven Dials. With an annual appearance at art fairs including Affordable Art Fair Battersea, Bristol and Hampstead, the team have a keen eye for finding future stars.
The nine new artists to be showcased this summer revel in pushing their talents to great acclaim across the UK and internationally.

The exhibiting artists are:

Blandine Bardeau
Andrew Millar
John Hobbs
Zoe Moss
Olivia Yu
Mark McClure
Louise NcNaught
Simone Fontana

From Jul 9, 2015 to Aug 1, 2015

The Art of Zen
Curious Duke Gallery present the art of Zen with Repose, Hannah Adamaszek’s 2nd UK solo show on the 9th July-1st August. Take a step out of your busy London life and into a zone of Zen and tranquility this July at London’s leading go to gallery for the UK’s freshest artistic talents, Curious Duke Gallery.

Award winning urban artist Hannah Adamaszek, who recently won best artist at Femme Fierce- a UK Street Art festival that brings together the most talented female street artists in the world delivers her hotly anticipated new collection, Repose. Exclusive, to Curious Duke Gallery this July, the artist’s second UK solo show delves into the calming depths of yogic poses, mediation and mindfulness. Known for her beautiful portraits of strong female characters, Adamaszek shares with you hidden beauty in East London this summer. With all pieces available to purchase and prices ranging from £40-£2100 everyone is able to take home a slice of tranquility this summer.

Since her first solo show in 2013 with CDG, artist Hannah Adamaszek has carved a niche for herself in UK Street Art, Hannah Adamaszek paintings span many a genre. Unable to put her work in box, the artist’s urban inspired techniques of spray paint layered over delicate hand drawn charcoal lines create ethereal beauty and character. Hannah displays every woman’s beauty and strength in each of her pieces stating “the women are subtle yet strong, bold yet delicate; balancing these contradictions gives each piece its own unique and
mysterious charm.”

Her dedication to technique and experimentation pays off with each of her stunning artworks holding their own personality. It is this depth of character that has come to define her latest collection. The clearest demarcation of the development of
Adamaszek’s work comes in the full body paintings rather than her portraits of faces. This comes as the artist has undertaken mindfulness in her practice, with Adamaszek becoming more aware of the present, in mind and body. Her new works of Just Be and Days of Heaven show the flowing energy of the body in yogic poses as the tranquility extends out of the work to us. Adamaszek says, “each piece was
created in a certain frame of mind. A single quote is paired with each painting to further explain its meaning and the thought process. Art is not just for viewing but an experience.” Adamaszek takes us on a welcome journey of peaceful reflection in our chaotic lives.

Repose will coincide with this year\'s Whitecross Street Party (WXSP) on July 18th. WXSP celebrates community with a party of street art, live performances and much more, to top it off Adamaszek will be painting live on the day. Put the date in your diary to see how her paintings come to life.

We’ll leave you with this message from Adamaszek “My life force is my strength. To embrace it, is to drink up my own liquid light”- The Light Side. Embrace your inner Zen this July.

Curious Duke Gallery presents Hannah Adamaszek: Repose
PV Thursday 9th July
9th July- 1st August
173 Whitecross Street
London EC1Y 8JT
Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barb
ican (5mins)

Contact: [email protected] for more information re: new premises/ the event/ interviews.
[email protected] for guest list.

Otto D'Ambra: We are all Animals
From Jun 4, 2015 to Jun 27, 2015

Artist of the surreal, Otto D’Ambra brings his brand of imagination to Curious Duke Gallery for his first UK solo show, We are all animals. Humans meet the inanimate as love and societal ideals collide into chaos of hybrids, even with a swordfish nestling on the naked body of a woman, and all in East London. With a chance to have your own bespoke artwork, will you be brave enough to enter the surreal world this June?
A favourite on the London art fair scene, Otto D’Ambra has built up a curious following since 2012. With his signature etching style that crosses Victoriana with concerns of love, society and our perhaps not so hidden animal instincts. The Italian print maker and illustrator explains his first solo show to be a platform “to provoke us all into thinking of how society perceives and changes us, sometimes actively and sometimes passively, by slowly eating away at our individuality.” We are all animals certainly changes our perceptions and boundaries.
Kick off your summer with a visit to a new, surreal world. D’Ambra’s latest collection of work is lavished with detail and mystery. From the etching of a hand bell ringing bird in Wake Up, to the hand drawn rhinoceros-come-fish hybrid, which carries its own message with the current armed guard surrounding the last living White Rhinos.
D’Ambra's new work has an additional motif- collage. Working into his existing style, D’Ambra understands collage to be a “new way to build images and compositions, whilst keeping the same clearness and powerful message.” This can be seen most clearly in his Sweet Dreams- a stunning ornate etching of a tall ship in the harbor of a woman’s hair, with her eyes masked by individually collaged pages from books that will be different for each of 20 editions. Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present this collection of work that celebrates the artist’s traditional oeuvre alongside new trends in art.
This is not all; D’Ambra is inviting you to offer up your own photograph to be a part of a new collaged drawing that you get to take home. On Saturday 20th June, Curious Duke Gallery will be home to the artist and his camera as he takes your photograph to manipulate the image into your very own bespoke collaged drawing. Each A3 artwork will be a new design that will not be repeated, and all for £300.
Still not enough? Otto D’Ambra is an internationally renowned tattoo artist. Tattooing only his own designs of the surreal, the multi talented artist shows Art on Skin this June. On 4th June, we will have in the gallery a nude model showcasing a black and white tattoo of a swordfish nestling in fragments from the shoulder to her knee.

Be an animal this June.
Curious Duke Gallery presents We are all animals
PV Thursday 4th June
4th- 27th 173 Whitecross Street
London EC1Y 8JT
Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead
From Jun 11, 2015 to Jun 14, 2015

We are returning to AAF Hampstead this June 10-14th, with great and affordable art. If you would like tickets, please email [email protected] with your postal address and number you would like. We have a limited amount so we will be giving them on a first come, first served basis. Please allow enough time for tickets to be posted to you before the event.

Artists exhibiting:
Dan Rawlings
Kate Knight
Roy's People
Sam Peacock
Samantha Gare
Simone Truong

Art makes life better
From May 12, 2015 to May 30, 2015

12th-30th MAY
The Artful Project, the online gallery for stunning and original photography and prints, is delighted to be holding a pop up exhibition at the Curious Duke Gallery during May.
Artful is a champion of affordable fine art photography, representing work of exceptional quality. This pop up exhibition, entitled Art Makes Life Better, presents a slice of some of its most popular pieces.
As the exhibiton name suggests, we’ve selected work that makes people smile. Photography is a medium that can touch people in a unique way, and the artworks represented here often reflect a playful, emotional spirit that is irresistible. From Stephanie Cabrera’s intimate Night Lighting to Adrian Samson’s soaring mouse in Jump #01 and Matt Crump’s unique candy coloured minimalism, the Art Makes Life Better pop up exhibition features work you’ll want to have.
The exhibition is on from 12th-30th May, open Monday to Saturday 11am-6.30pm. On each Saturday of the exhibiton, we invite visitors to join us for prosecco and pastries as they browse the art.
For more information, visit

Little Heroes
From Apr 16, 2015 to May 9, 2015

A solo show by the king of the miniatures ‘ Roy’s People’ @ the Curious Duke Gallery April 16th, East London

Following his sold out solo show in 2014, Roy’s People is back this spring with his new collection in Little Heroes. Curious Duke Gallery will be taken over by little people this April as shadows loom of your favourite superheroes in East London. Will you be taking home a caped crusader to your hero?

You may have missed out on his sold out solo show Street Life at Curious Duke Gallery in 2014, however Little Heroes is packed with Roy’s People whimsical humour, with couples sheltering under bottle caps in Lager Top, and two little figures attempting to rescue a friend in Killer Heels. Little Heroes delivers a swift slice of humour.

Little Hero Hunt
From Apr 20, 2015 to Apr 23, 2015

When: 23rd April 2015

Where: Hoxton, Shoreditch and Bricklane

What? Roy’s People will distribute 50 Heroes around Hoxton, Shoreditch and Bricklane.

Why? Artist Roy’s People will be hiding his own ‘Little Heroes’ for people to find over the duration of his solo show at Curious Duke Gallery. Each hero will be posted on @curiousduke ‘s or @royspeople2013 twitter social media with a photo clue, finders are then asked to respond on social media with their finds with #ineedahero.

It will be a free and original piece of art from Roy’s People for you to keep.

Each little hero comes with a heroic story.

PV of \'Little Heroes\' by Roy\'s People is 16th April 6-9 and the exhibition runs until 9th May.

For more information please email [email protected]

Representing Landscape
From Apr 8, 2015 to Apr 8, 2015

Join Curious Duke Gallery's landscape artists Chris King, Toby Deveson, Samantha Gare, Sam Peacock and Andrea Tyrimos for an intimate discussion with Q&A on the interpretations of landscape art and the many ways that landscape can still surprise us when portrayed through the eyes of an artist.

The event will be chaired by art world expert Susan Mumford, founder of Be Smart About Art and the Association of Women Art Dealers.

From photography to mixed media, how can an art form redefine a landscape we claim to know so well?

Join us for an discussion on Wednesday 8th April @ Curious Duke Gallery 6:30- 8

There will be a chance for networking at the end until 8:45pm

Talk will begin at 6:45

For tickets please visit:

Lunar Group Show
From Oct 31, 2014 to Feb 28, 2015

Holiday Group show exhibiting Curious Duke Gallery artists with prices ranging from £25- £3,000 . Buy yourself or someone special a great gift this festive season!

Roxyma Dream
From Jan 17, 2015 to Jan 17, 2015

Curious Duke Gallery hosts the launch of new luxury brand Roxyma Dream continental bed linen.

Roxyma Dream offers an exquisite bed linen, made from beautiful designs and exceptional fabrics. These include 200 thread count sateen, cotton sateen with jacquard and lace and the unique new era textile made from the wood pulp of Eucalyptus trees, called Tencel. It is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, acts as a natural skin moisture absorbent and has a silk like softness and gloss, making it desirable by all. Roxyma Dream is proud to be the first and only brand to introduce bed linen made from this incredible material, to the UK, along with its other ravishing collections, different in quality and style to anything seen in the country so far.
Enjoy the serenity
Only found in dreams...
Roxyma Dream bed linen!

Affordable Art Fair Battersea
From Oct 23, 2014 to Oct 26, 2014

Fresh off from Bristol Affordable Art Fair and Manchester Buy Art fair, we will be joining the stalls at Battersea this October for one of the most anticipated dates in our calender! We're excited to be back, if you'd like to join us or have any enquiries don't hesitate to email us on [email protected]

Thursday 11.00am – 5.30pm
Thursday Late View 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Friday 11.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 11.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 11.00am – 6.00pm

To buy tickets follow the link:

Rooftop Collective for Photomonth
From Oct 13, 2014 to Oct 25, 2014

Exhibiting artists:
Chris King
Constanza Isaza Martínez
Mary Jane Maybury
Paul Clifford
Toby Deveson
Vanessa Short

Styles on show will range from portraits and still lives, to abstracts and landscapes - all created using techniques ranging from traditional silver gelatin prints to photopolymer gravures and c-type prints on aluminium.

Another reason - if any were needed - to visit the show is that it is part of Photomonth, the East London Photography Festival. This has been running since 2001 and has established itself as a major international event, celebrating photography in galleries and venues across East London.

The Private View will be on October the 14th between 6 & 9pm.
The artists will be in residence for chats and Q&As all day on Saturday 18th of October.
The exhibition will be open daily from the 13th to the 25th of October between 11am and 6.30pm
Late night opening will be until 9pm on Thursday 23rd October. The artists will be present for drinks.

- See more at:

Moniker Art Fair
From Oct 16, 2014 to Oct 19, 2014

We are very pleased to announce that this year we will be heading to Moniker Art Fair. Held at The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, we'll be right next door to Other Art Fair where you will find Blandine Bardeau, Delphine Lebourgeois, Roy's People and Sam Peacock.

2 fairs. 130 unrepresented artists. 20 innovative galleries. 1 big weekend of art!

Exhibiting Artists:
Dan Rawlings
Hannah Adamaszek
Otto D'Ambra

Opening Hours:

Thursday 16th October 2014: 5pm - 9.30pm (Private View)*

Friday 17th October 2014: 11am - 7pm

Saturday 18th October 2014: 11am - 7pm

Sunday 19th October 2014: 11am - 6pm

Please Note:

Concession prices are available to students and over 60s.

Children under the age of 16 are free of charge.

For tickets please follow this link

I Know What I Like Group Show
From Oct 3, 2014 to Oct 9, 2014

The first ever group show featuring 15 bright artists, members of I Know What I Like. All visually compelling, autonomous and affordable art.

Alex “SR47” Walton
Ana Rita
Clara Copley
Dan Pearce
Ernesto Muñiz
Francesca Albini
Laura Iosifescu
Mandy McCartin
Michael Young
Mohammed Sami
Monsieur Sable
Noemi Roswita
Tony Scrivener
Vanesa Longchamp
Yola Kudela

Opening night: 2 October 2014
Exhibition: 3-9 October 2014
Curious Duke Gallery
173 Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8JT

Enquiries and expressions of interest: [email protected]

Manchester Buy Art Fair
From Sep 26, 2014 to Sep 28, 2014

This September we're heading north! Manchester Buy Art Fair has grown immensely over the last few years, and we're proud to be a part of the biggest art fair outside of London.
For further details or to make an enquiry, don't hesitate to email us on [email protected]

Stand 42

Friday 26 September
11:00 - 19:00

Saturday 27 September
11:00 - 18:00

Sunday 28 September
11:00 - 17:00

General Admission: Free

The Secret Art Prize 2014
From Sep 4, 2014 to Sep 27, 2014

Curious Duke Gallery will be presenting, for the first time the winner and runner-up candidates of The Secret Art Prize 2014 in this anticipated group show.

For some of these artists, it will be the first time they have been exhibited in a gallery space, achieving the Secret Art Prize\'s goal of giving street art a platform while at the same time exposing some incredibly talented but undiscovered artists!

PV: 4th September 6-9pm

Bristol Affordable Art Fair
From Sep 19, 2014 to Sep 21, 2014

Bristol Affordable Art Fair is back! This year we\\\'ll be hanging up our stall between the 19th and 21st of September. For information on tickets, or to make an enquiry do not hesitate to email us on [email protected]

Stand B7

To buy tickets, just follow the link:

Opening times
Friday 19 September 11.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday 20 September 11.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 21 September11.00am – 5.00pm

(60) Days of Summer
From Jul 3, 2014 to Aug 30, 2014

Curious Duke Gallery presents a group show of urban art meeting experimental landscapes. With 60 art works from the CDG artist family gracing the walls, a world of volcanic paint on steel will meet birds of prey taking flight. (60) Days of Summer is on at the East London Gallery from the 3rd July - 30th August.

This summer fiesta will celebrate a spectrum of disciplines and subjects. You will meet street artist Lowdown's beautifully forlorn portraits, David Bray's fine line kitsch drawings and Samantha Gare's brooding and bubbling landscapes. This isn't just another group show, it\'s a feast for the eyes.

Artists showing:

Andrea Tyrimos
Beth Nicholas
Cherie Strong
Dan Rawlings
Darragh Powell
David Bray
Delphine Lebourgeois
Emily Hannon
Emma Hutley
Hannah Adamaszek
Kate Knight
Mark Powell
Mr Four Fingers
Otto D'Ambra
Paul Don Smith
Roy's People
Samantha Gare
Sam Peacock
Simone Truong
Tannaz Oroumchi

Steel Life - Timberyard
From Aug 6, 2014 to Aug 14, 2014

This August sees Curious Duke Gallery artists Roy's People and Sam Peacock's portfolios adorn the walls of Timberyard's newly opened Seven Dials café. The exhibition of art works will stretch over the reclaimed surfaces of the premises bringing, respectively, bashful and rustic artworks to the fashionable coffee shop. The exhibition will be from August to October.
Adding to the branch on Old Street, Timberyard's re-imagined café experience offers not only your traditional coffee on the go, but fresh juice and wholesome food, whilst being a go to point for start - up work places and meetings. The environmental awareness of the business sees it decked out in reclaimed wood, hence the name Timberyard. This sits perfectly with Curious Duke Gallery's artist Sam Peacock's reclaimed steel sheets layered in sugar and coffee, with Roy's People playing on the modern lifestyle offered by Timberyard.

Working with Curious Duke Gallery, abstract painter Sam Peacock has developed a portfolio concerned with trade routes and London's dock lands. Working on sheets of reclaimed steel, Peacock layers paint, Timberyard's brand of Has Bean Coffee and demerara sugar and liquorice in his Ironsea series. These layers are then scraped back and roasted to allow the natural materials to bubble and discolour in an evolving landscape that is enclosed in varnish. This collection of work focuses on the journey of these imports from their far flung homes to the UK's South Coast ports and London's Dock lands, seen in the linear demarcation of the steel sheets split into two horizons in both colour and texture. Peacock's Ironsea series embodies the arrival and dawn of coffee
It is from this city lifestyle, of packed schedules and meeting on the move offered by Timberyard, that Roy's People is inspired by. Roy's People creates installations that are photographed in and around London, celebrating the city's oddities and personality. For instance, Roy's London Life created for Time Out magazine makes light of city living with coffee culture as the fuel of London. These bashful scenes of miniature figurines, created by Roy's People, take on observational humour that gets a chuckle every time.

Get you order of art on the go.

You are cordially invited to Curious Duke Gallery at the Timberyard:
Private View Wednesday 6th August
Exhibition running from 6th August - 31st October 2014
7 Upper St. Martin's Lane

To RSVP, as this event is invite only, contact: [email protected] for more information re: the event/ interviews/ guest list.

Whitecross Street Party
From Jul 19, 2014 to Jul 20, 2014

Save the date for this years party! Saturday 19th July - Sunday 20th July 2014, plus a six week street exhibition starting on the 19th July. You’re invited to a massive twenty first century street party. This means you can expect all the delights of an old school street party with ouzels of community goodwill, but without the ration books and with lots more to boot. The six week exhibition is actually on the street (and on top of the buildings). Some call it post-post irony, but they call it a lot of bleeding effort to get the stuff hung up so high.

The ‘Whitecross Street Party’ and its larger than life street art exhibition ‘Rise of the Non Conformists’ started way back in 2010 when a small team of disorganisers took inspiration from the local dissenter’s graveyard. This hallowed ground where William Blake’s spirit was laid to rest provides the perfect setting for the event which encourages peaceful non-conformists to rise once again. The lively weekend party and two month exhibition is choreographed and curated by St Luke’s Community Centre and artist Teddy Baden, with the support of the London Borough of Islington, and is one of London’s most unique street art experiences. It’s been providing London with that rare cocktail which can only be made with interactive community spirits, mixed with a heavy splash of urban art and a large dash of the unexpected. Not to forget a very large self-deprecating cherry on top! It’s a brilliant family-friendly event for both the avid art lover and those that like something a bit different. If you have the desire, come dressed even more silly or weirdly as you do usually and don’t forget - ‘be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind’.

WXSP: 19th & 20th of July

From Jun 5, 2014 to Jun 28, 2014

Curious Duke Gallery launches a glowing tale of cities, from the crumbling decay of decadent buildings to the sparks of light that hang over the landscape after sunset, as told by artist Andrea Tyrimos. Roadz is on at the East London Gallery from the 5th-28th June.

Tyrimos' first solo show is a fiesta of colour and metropolitan melodrama exclusive to Curious Duke Gallery. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2009, Tyrimos paintings have grown in detail and fascination of urban lifestyles, with an emphasis on the emission of colour through light, most notable in her paintings of London and New York at night.

Her keen eye for the beauty of a cityscape has brought about three separate bodies of work; Notting Hill Carnival, City Lights and Brick. After taking inspiration from Charles Baudelaire's call for painters to focus on ‘depicting the fast-changing landscapes of life’, and described such an artist as ‘The Painter of Modern Life’, Tyrimos had found her niche. This oil painter does not stop at the eerie progress of a night bus though London's lamp lit streets, but sees the waiting people outside a late night off license on Brick Lane as secrets revealed by lights from shop windows; the city becomes a beacon of life no matter the time of day.

Tyrimos' latest series of works are more vibrant than ever, with The Brick project building ever more interest. The Brick project has spawned a series of live painting events, most recently at the Barbican and WXSP, with three events coming up in the realms of Shoredtich and Old Street, allowing the wealth of regeneration that butts against moss covered red brick to take on interdependent stories. The very walls that we live in, work in and walk past daily may lay dormant, but look closer and you'll find tiny details of lovers initials scratched in, and moss creeping over graffiti. Tyrmios will select three locations that she will then build a photo-realistic oil painting onto canvas that will blend into its brick surroundings. One of these events will continue into Curious Duke Gallery with a brick wall being built in the gallery space for Tyrimos to paint throughout the exhibition in June.

Andrea Tyrimos' solo show Roadz will be a cluster of colour and characters that make big cities the havens of gritty beauty that they are.

Curious Duke Gallery presents Andrea Tyrimos : Roadz
PV Thursday 5th June 6-9pm
5th - 28th June
173 Whitecross Street
Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

Affordable Art Fair
From Jun 12, 2014 to Jun 15, 2014

Curious Duke Gallery will be at stand I2 at this years Affordable Art Fair Hampstead. We will be showing the work of :
Dan Rawlings
Kate Knight
Mark Powell
Otto D'Ambra
Roy's People
Sam Peacock
Samantha Gare
Simone Truong

For free tickets, email info @

From May 1, 2014 to May 31, 2014

Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present Architect-Artist Tannaz Oroumchi's first UK solo show Hectified, this May. Having worked with CDG for two years, Oroumchi has bridged architecture and fine art and re-imagined the lines of London and how we use the city. Oroumchi will be showing 1st - 31st May, with ambitious new pieces focusing on St. Paul's and the Square Mile of the City, including CDG's Whitecross Street home.

Following her residency at Curious Duke Gallery in August 2013, Oroumchi will be taking over the gallery for one month with her solo show Hectified. Taking on the existing roads, buildings and landmarks, Oroumchi refuses to accept these as infinite layouts for London, instead drawing over existing maps on thin mylar to conceive a new city: seeing the capital as a playing ground for change and hecification. A word of Oroumchi's own making, hectify means to envisage, or re-imagine, a space by drawing over the existing design, breaking up what exists and starting again with carefully drawn plans. It is this concept that the Architect-Artist has applied to her own practice, asking the question, how could we be using the City to work, live and play in? For instance London Bubble questions our use of the Thames and its bridges; can we not imagine foot bridges as circular platforms reaching out over the Thames for community areas? According to Oroumchi the City could be a fluid space, rather than static and staid.

Tannaz Oroumchi's first UK solo show will see new work that not only continues with the labyrinthine City, but the swirling roads around St Paul's Cathedral that butt against the river Thames, the angular spikes of Oxford Street and the stretch of community around Whitecross Street will take pride of place at Curious Duke Gallery this May.

Have you ever wanted to get lost in the City? Take a Curious route.

Curious Duke Gallery presents Tannaz Oroumchi: Hectified
PV Thursday 1st May 6-9pm
1st - 31st May
173 Whitecross Street
Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

Clerkenwell design week
From May 20, 2014 to May 22, 2014

In its fourth Year, Clerkenwell Design Week will be complete with a Curious Duke Gallery stand in the Additions tent, with the work of Tannaz Oroumchi ( take a look here ).

CDW and CDG at stand 3!

Where: All over Clerkenwell, take a look at the map here
When: 20th - 2nd May

Andrea Tyrimos : The Roadz
From May 13, 2014 to May 13, 2014

Curious Duke Gallery launches a glowing tale of cities, from the crumbling decay of decadent buildings to the sparks of light that hang over the landscape after sunset, as told by artist Andrea Tyrimos. Roadz is on at the East London Gallery from the 5th-28th June.

Tyrimos' first solo show is a fiesta of colour and metropolitan melodrama exclusive to Curious Duke Gallery. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2009, Tyrimos paintings have grown in detail and fascination of urban lifestyles, with an emphasis on the emission of colour through light, most notable in her paintings of London and New York at night.

Her keen eye for the beauty of a cityscape has brought about three separate bodies of work; Notting Hill Carnival, City Lights and Brick. After taking inspiration from Charles Baudelaire's call for painters to focus on ‘depicting the fast-changing landscapes of life’, and described such an artist as ‘The Painter of Modern Life’, Tyrimos had found her niche. This oil painter does not stop at the eerie progress of a night bus though London's lamp lit streets, but sees the waiting people outside a late night off license on Brick Lane as secrets revealed by lights from shop windows; the city becomes a beacon of life no matter the time of day.

Tyrimos' latest series of works are more vibrant than ever, with The Brick project building ever more interest. The Brick project has spawned a series of live painting events, most recently at the Barbican and WXSP, with three events coming up in the realms of Shoredtich and Old Street, allowing the wealth of regeneration that butts against moss covered red brick to take on interdependent stories. The very walls that we live in, work in and walk past daily may lay dormant, but look closer and you'll find tiny details of lovers initials scratched in, and moss creeping over graffiti. Tyrimos will select three locations that she will then build a photo-realistic oil painting onto canvas that will blend into its brick surroundings. One of these events will continue into Curious Duke Gallery with a brick wall being built in the gallery space for Tyrimos to paint throughout the exhibition in June.

Curious Duke Gallery presents Andrea Tyrimos : Roadz
PV Thursday 5th June 6-9pm
5th - 28th June
173 Whitecross Street
Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

Contact: [email protected] for more information re: new premises/ the event/ interviews/ guest list.

Street Life
From Apr 3, 2014 to Apr 26, 2014


Curious Duke Gallery are very excited to present Roy's People: Street Life, the artist's first solo show, running from 3rd - 26th April 2014. His soaring popularity over the last 2 years since his project began, centres on his cheeky humour and a rise in the world of the miniature, but it begs the question what is it that we love about these tiny worlds?

From our childhood games with doll houses, and imaginary worlds, we've all brushed with the world of miniatures in play, but we all secretly adore them as adults too. The infinite possibilities that we can give to scenes of miniature figures, such as Roy's People's We Come in Peace, beg questions of what has a snail done to be reprimanded, and how did the armed guards come to have this job? These flights of fancy remove normality, and lift the mundane making it hard to resist a chuckle. The world of the miniature is a tiny adventure.

Roy's People certainly leads into a realm of play as the surreal tangle and twist together as a new perspective of the world emerges. However, Roy's People adds an entirely new layer to the growing trope of artists working with miniatures: his witty word play. With titles such as Meal Deal, Rush Hour and Miracle, we are offered narratives that are threefold: we can apply any story we wish, any names or location- the story belongs completely to you. Our love affair with the world of the miniature is an adventure of our making.

Roy's People will be taking part in the forthcoming auction organised by Big Issue, with a hunt for his Little People project in Convent Garden, more details soon!

From Feb 20, 2014 to Mar 28, 2014

Curious Duke Gallery will be relaunching in our new home with Curio-City this February 20th - 30th March. Having relocated only a few doors down to 173 Whitecross Street, CDG will be showcasing our brilliant band of artists with the best that surreal and street art has to offer. With gems from Otto D\'Ambra\'s etchings and Kate Knights dark romance, you\'ll find yourself in a world of contrasts and oddities.

Exhibiting Artists:
Andrea Tyrimos
Dan Rawlings
Darragh Powell
Hannah Adamaszek
Kate Knight
Mark Powell
Otto D\'Ambra
Roys People
Sam Peacock
Simone Webb
Tannaz Oroumchi

Private View 20th February 6-9pm
Nearest stations- Old Street exit 6 and Barbican (5 minute walk).

From Mar 7, 2014 to Mar 7, 2014

#bsaaff Be Smart About Art First Fridays (March)
Monthly peer networking event

Date: March 7, 2014, 6:30 p.m. - March 7, 2014, 8:30 p.m. UK time (see time converter)

Location: Curious Duke Gallery | 173 White Cross Street | London EC1Y 8JT


Price: Members go free | Visitors £15


More info here:

The Curious Art-Pie Show
From Feb 6, 2014 to Feb 12, 2014



We have been on a hunt to find awesome unsigned artists whose art, we think, needs to be hung in a gallery.

We asked them to submit one artwork and we asked the public to vote for their favourite pieces. And there we have it, our line up of 20 artists using mediums such as painting drawing and even sculptures.

The top 3 best rated entries won their ticket to be included in the show line up while we asked a bunch of established artists - Dan Baldwin , Pam Glew , Dave White, Andrea Tyrimos and Static to give us their personal selections.

The 20 selected artists artworks are - you will find the list below, alternatively you can find out in more details what the show line up is by clicking on this link -

AgentX - best rated entry
Veronika Ban - second best rated entry
Gibo - 3rd best rated entry

With no particular order, the remaining 17 selected artists are -
Coto2o | Ryan Kai | Timothy | Patrick Colhoun | Tom Waters | Ant Carver | Matt Crump | Wayne Chisnall | Samantha Gare | Stephen Whatcott | Karis Knight | Infected by Design | Catch22 | Benjamin Jensen | Artist Zina Adam&Eve | Airborne Mark

The Present
From Dec 9, 2013 to Jan 31, 2014

With the festive season beginning to glitter, it's time to reveal The Present exhibition at Curious Duke Gallery, 12th December - 30th January 2014. Our East London space will become a haven of brilliant blooms, dark shadows and quirky characters from Emily Hannon's achingly sweet canvases, Mr Four Fingers shady limited edition prints, to Agnetha Sjögren's Tintin dogs- we'll have your Christmas shopping wrapped up in no time, leaving you room for thought for the January the season of gifts for yourself! All art £20 - £500.

CDG will be picking the best gifts from 40 of our artists, all affordably priced, and ready for your perusal. Gift shopping can be a tricky business; endless lists of things to do, people to buy for, and hastily written down ideas that leave you feeling tired and in need of a cup of tea (keep those January sales in mind), but at CDG we make life easy, here are a few sneak peeks;

Kareena Zerefos stunning illustrations glow in a warm haze to give everyone a smile. With her latest series of works priced at £20, how can you say no? Particularly when there is an Elephant on the loose.

And don't forget the gift of humour! Roys People leaves his hand painted figurines in the dark corners of London for you to find, luckily for you here are a selection of his quirky scenes, from climbing the City's The Grate Tower grate-tower and apprehending a snail in I Come in Peace.

Now for the facts, Curious Duke Gallery opening hours: Monday - Friday 11:30 – 7:30 , Saturday 12-4, closed from 23rd December - 6th January.

Curious Duke Gallery presents The Present
Private View Thursday 12th December 6-9pm
12th December 2013 - 30th January 2014
Curious Duke Gallery
173 Whitecross Street
Free entry

Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

Please consider this an invite.

Contact: [email protected] for more information re: the event/interviews/guest list
Follow The Present\\\'s progress and the latest news from the exhibition on Twitter @CuriousDuke #ThePresent.

We have moved! Find us at the new location of 173 Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8JP

The story - Agnetha Sjögren solo show
From Nov 13, 2013 to Dec 6, 2013

A new type of pedigree.

Curious Duke Gallery and Agnetha Sjögren present : The Story: an exhibition of canine perfection.
Swedish born artist Agnetha Sjögren concludes the Curious Duke Gallery season of solo shows for 2013 with The Story, an exhibition of canine creativity narrating a ‘tail’ of Sjogren’s travels around the world. The Story runs from the 13th November - 6th December. Creating well behaved and poised sculptural dogs, Sjögren explores our fascination with our canine friends. Sjorgren does this by combining her well-travelled past with vintage Swedish and British comic books, Prada handbags and unique designs. All delivered in an inspired canine package complete with a personalised passport and dog tag. Who said having a pet dog was difficult?
Tired of hearing her friends talk about their marvelous pet pooches; Agnetha Sjögren's fear of dogs could lead to only one thing: creating the perfect version of man’s best friend subsequently Sjögren embarked on creating a 'nice' dog. Explaining that her “dogs don't eat, bark, jump, bite, drool or need to go out for a poop. They sit or stand 'nicely' all day long,”
Four years on the self taught artist Sjögren, works from ideas of childhood and memories and has now given the art world 35 beautifully designed dogs of which can be seen in 4 different continents.
Richly coloured and influenced by Agnetha Sjögren's travels, each experience has brought character-traits to each of her creations. The cork material of Rioja nods to her time in Spain, and Chocolate to her Grandma's secret hot chocolate recipe that warmed her childhood in Sweden. The beauty with which these tales are retold through these pooches is touching: these dogs become portals of fond memories, whilst taking on their own cheeky stance.
And of course, Sjögren's signature comic book series. Known for her TinTin dogs, the vintage comic book pages wind from the tip of the tail to the nose of the dog, keeping intact the text for your reading pleasure. Almost trumping your average pet dog with these communication tactics. Additionally, Love transports Sjögren to the 1970’s of her childhood reading 'Ung & Kär' with colours defined by an era and rosey glows of first loves. For the perfect dog and a story, you won't find better that a Sjögren dog.
The perky tails of her adorned dogs give you all the love of a giddy dog without having to clean up after it.

Glögg Party at the CDG
From Dec 5, 2013 to Dec 5, 2013

The Festive season doesn't start without a Glögg party.

Kick off your festive season in style with Agnetha Sjögren's swedish Glögg party. Set in Sjögren's solo exhibition of sculptural dogs- The Story, invites you to bring some Nordic christmas magic on Thursday 5th December at Curious Duke Gallery, East London.

To keep us company, Agnetha Sjögren continues our season of solo shows with her signature 'nice' dogs. Fighting against her friends declarations of how well behaved their pet dogs were, Sjögren was determined to create a dog that didn't need to be cleaned up; giving rise to her adorned canine friends. With the likes of swedish comic books twisting their way over her dogs, Tintin Bang and Marzipan will stand guard as you enjoy a swift glass of hot Glögg. Not to be confused with mulled wine, the vodka ladenGlögg and ginger biscuits will add a rosey glow to your festive season.

Christmas jumpers optional.

Agnetha Sjögren's Glögg party
Thursday 5th December 6-9

Curious Duke Gallery
207 Whitecross Street
London, EC1Y 8QP

Free entry

Nearest stations Old Street exit 6 and Barbican.

Please consider this an invite.

Contact: [email protected] for more information re: the event/ interviews/ guest list.

Live Dog Making : Agnetha Sjögren
From Nov 28, 2013 to Nov 29, 2013

Witness Agnetha Sjögren in action. Agnetha will be in residence for two days, creating her dogs live in Curious Duke Gallery.
On thursday 28th and friday 29th November between 12-3 pm

Artist Talk : Agnetha Sjögren
From Nov 20, 2013 to Nov 20, 2013

Agnetha Sjögren will be giving you an insight in to her art practice, how she got there and what her future holds, followed by questions and answers.
On wednesday 20th october from 6:30 to 8 pm.

From Nov 2, 2013 to Nov 9, 2013

Antlers and Curious Duke are proud to present Kindred, a collaborative exhibition showcasing the most exciting artists handpicked from the stables of two young and fast-growing independent galleries.
Kindred grew out of a meeting between Curious Duke founder Eleni Duke and Antlers Director Jack Gibbon at last year’s Affordable Art Fair. The two gallerists recognised a natural connection in their approach and a mutual interest in supporting artists who bring contemporary interpretations to traditional, skill-based practices.
The large-scale pencil dreamscapes of Antlers’ Matthieu Leger, for instance, seem natural bedfellows of the surrealist etchings of Curious Duke’s Otto D’Ambra, whilst both galleries showcase artists that focus on the natural world and a sense of the uncanny. It is the recurring theme of the curious and uncanny that acts as one of the most prominent thematic links between Antlers and Curious Duke.
A focus on interesting and unusual practices also characterises the approach of these two galleries. Antlers’ Jessica Bartlett, for example, makes images of ephemeral natural objects such as leaves using a soldering iron to mark canvasses prepared in white or muted colours. Similarly, Curious Duke’s Ben Gooding uses a scoring technique on aluminium sheets to create his methodical, mechanistic work with lines and geometric shapes. Both artists will exhibit their work as part of Kindred, showcasing the distinctive methods that allow them to stand out amongst their contemporaries.
Kindred will also feature work by Charles Emerson, whose finely constructed, painterly photography was lauded by Affordable Art Fair Founder Will Ramsay earlier this year and recently graced the cover of international indie-rock act Editors’ latest LP. Alongside these will be Jonny Byles’ retro-futuristic graphite drawings which garnered much attention from the art blogosphere when they emerged as part of Antlers’ summer exhibition in August.
By using unique and unconventional exhibition spaces, discovering new and highly original talent and working closely with their artists, each gallery occupies a similar space in the art landscape of their respective cities, London and Bristol. The exhibition title, Kindred, therefore denotes the shared spirit in which these innovative galleries operate, and the common ground they find in each other’s practices.
Exhibiting Artists [Subject to change]:
Antlers: Charles Emerson, Alexander Korzer Robinson, Jessica Bartlett, Helen Jones, Tim Lane, Matthieu Leger, Jonny Byles, Kate Evans, Amy Timms
Curious Duke: Kate Knight, Simone Webb, Dan Rawlings, Mark Powell, Sue Young Lee, Kareena Zerefos, Vikram Kushwah, Otto D’Ambra, Richard Goold, Beth Nicholas, Ben Gooding
Antlers was founded by Jack Gibbon in Bristol in 2010 as a nomadic gallery, producing temporary exhibitions in interesting locations around the city and working closely with its artists. In October 2013 the gallery will take up residence in its first permanent home on Christmas Steps, continuing its commitment to showcasing a burgeoning collection of artists working across the mediums who explore natural history, narrative and folklore through compelling and impeccably executed work.
Curious Duke was founded by Eleni Duke in London in 2011, setting up in a 300 year old gallery space in Whitecross Street. It represents a rising scene of surrealist and urban artists in the UK working in a variety of mediums from mixed media to sculpture.

1st thursday : Kindred
From Nov 7, 2013 to Nov 7, 2013

Every first thursday of the month, galleries all over East London opens late to allow you to enjoy an evening of art.

Curious Duke Gallery will be open until 9pm this thursday for you to discover our current collaborative show 'Kindred'.

Discussion panel
From Nov 4, 2013 to Nov 4, 2013

Eleni Duke, Jack Gibbon, the artists Kate Knight and Tim Lane and the host, Tabish Khan will be discussing the difference between online & offline galleries, artist and galleries relationships and collaborations in the arts.

For more info :
email : [email protected]
phone : 020 7251 6551

Affordable Art Fair
From Oct 24, 2013 to Oct 27, 2013

Curious Duke Gallery will be at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea so come visit us at the stand C6

Art Class with Sam Peacock
From Oct 19, 2013 to Oct 19, 2013

Sam Peacock will be hosting an art class for 10 lucky people on the 19th October 2013 in the historic setting of Curious Duke Gallery

You will have the opportunity to learn to paint on steel, use a variety of unique methods and broaden your art practice

Each attendee will walk away with there own 35x35cm piece of steel art work during this 2 hour session.

Class will run from 1:00 - 3:00pm and are charged at £20.

Tickets are limited to 10.

For more info :
email : [email protected]
phone : 020 7251 6551

Sam Peacock: Unseen Landscape
From Oct 3, 2013 to Oct 19, 2013

Sam Peacock and Curious Duke Gallery present to you Unseen Landscape. In Peacock's first solo show, he'll be unleashing a new collection of 26 signature paintings on steel. Running from 3rd - 19th October, the collection will be focusing on blurred lines, travel and speed; these industrial art works ooze with captured emotions and memories.

Building upon layers of gloss, matt and oil paint, Sam Peacock is not afraid of mixing industrial materials with unconventional pigments taken from your kitchen coffee and demerara sugar. Utilising food products to build earthy textures on stealth slabs of concrete and steel, unconventional beautiful can be found in these abstract landscape paintings. Inspired by memories of living in the North of England and frequenting Australia and Thailand, Peacock, scrapes back layers of paint to reveal the blur of horizon met in every journey. The series of scrapes revisit vast open spaces that butt urban regeneration, a rapid sprawling reflected in the pace of his frantic rolling out of paint and varnish. A flash of a memory quickly laid out on steel that settles as a calm spread of movement to evoke recollections.

Sam Peacock explains that “ I gorge on the speed and power of mark making, the rawness and the ferocity of paint”, making his work all the more intricate. The structure that gradually appears in these fast layers and scrapes reconstruct journeys. Making use of derelict and abandoned landscapes, Peacock, takes the patchy tomes and colours and recycles them into his frozen paintings. This idea of conversation built between layers creates an architecture of underlying motifs. This gradual realisation of a memory, a long lost scene, lend themselves to hazy earthen colours favoured by Sam Peacock, broken through with piercing blue and sunshine yellows.

Curious Duke Gallery presents Unseen Landscape: A solo show from Sam Peacock
Private View 3rd October 6-9pm
3rd -19th October
Curious Duke Gallery
207 Whitecross Street

Free entry
Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)

Live painting : Sam Peacock
From Oct 17, 2013 to Oct 17, 2013

Witness Sam Peacock in action. Sam will be painting live in Curious Duke Gallery on thursday 17th October between 12-3 pm

artist Talk : Sam Peaocok
From Oct 10, 2013 to Oct 10, 2013

Sam Peacock will be giving you an insight in to his art practice, how he got there and what his future holds, followed by questions and answers.
On thursday 10th october from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Manchester buy art fair
From Sep 26, 2013 to Sep 29, 2013

Curious Duke Gallery will be at Manchester for the buy art fair at the booth 42

Through the minds eye - Hannah Adamaszek solo show
From Sep 5, 2013 to Sep 21, 2013

This September Curious Duke Gallery brings you the first solo show of Aztec inspired painter Hannah Adamaszek. From 5th- 21st September, Through the Minds Eye showcases a collection of large scale statement paintings, alongside smaller canvases and experimental pieces, exclusive to Curious Duke Gallery, with the vibrant characters of the canvases adorning the walls of our 300 year old gallery in East London.

Curious Duke Gallery celebrates it's 2nd birthday
From Sep 19, 2013 to Sep 19, 2013

The gallery is turning 2 years old and to celebrate we are hosting an evening from 6 to 9 pm on the 19th september with champagne and sweet treats.

Live Painting : Hannah Adamaszek
From Sep 17, 2013 to Sep 17, 2013

Hannah Adamaszek will be giving you an insight in to her art practice, how she got there and what her future holds, followed by questions and answers.
On tuesday 10th september from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Artist Talk : Hannah Adamaszek
From Sep 10, 2013 to Sep 10, 2013

Hannah Adamaszek will be giving you an insight in to her art practice, how she got there and what her future holds, followed by questions and answers.
On tuesday 10th september from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

The art of curiosity
From Jul 4, 2013 to Aug 17, 2013

This Summer (July/August), Curious Duke Gallery are discovering the Art of Curiosity. Exhibiting 18 artists from the Curious Duke family that work in a variety of mediums from painting to sculpture. Curious Duke artists are known to push boundaries with their unique subjects and art practice. Curious Duke will also be welcoming 5 new artists to the Curious Duke family, including Delphine LeBourgious, Roy Tyson and Simone Webb.

The exhibition will include affordable large scale statement paintings alongside original illustrations from the most investable and distinctive UK emerging artists of today. Running from 4th July-17th August, our 300 year old gallery space on Whitecross Street, will house incredible curiosities of the art world and play host to some fantastic events throughout

Tannaz Oroumchi: Artist in residence at CDG
From Aug 1, 2013 to Aug 6, 2013

Architect and CDG artist Tannaz Oroumchi takes over the gallery window in a 5 day residency to coincide with the summer exhibition The Art of Curiosity. Drawing on film stretched over the gallery window, Oroumchi will be re-imagining London “to expose ourselves to ourselves” as new spaces and opportunities emerge from the inky lines, exposing us to new visions.The overlapping lines of purple ink will be visible from the street and will examine what else the city could be, or do- the perfect lunchtime film.

Starting from Thursday 1st August- Tuesday 6th, Oroumchi will be be using conventional drawing techniques to expose the existing streets of London by breaking the given rules and geometry of the city. The streets are hectified to trigger and break "visual idealisms, allowing the possibility for others to be revealed". These drawn shifts and warps allow for a reinvented London, ready for re-engagement. Architecture and society are broken down pushing forward new formations.

You can see Tannaz Oroumchi live drawing Thursday 1st August- 6th August 11:30-6:30, Saturday 12-4pm , and closed Sunday.

CDG and the Whitecross Street Party 'Rise of the Non Conformists'
From Jul 20, 2013 to Jul 21, 2013

Welcome back to part four of the Whitecross Street party - 'Rise of the non conformists' - London’s favorite two day weekender celebration of the arts. Join the uprising and support the alliance to barricade and keep out the forces of grey mediocrity. Art exhibition, music, food, live painting and plenty of activities for all ages. Come and join the fun at our free party weekend 20th - 21st July 12pm- 6pm and visit the six week art exhibition. Everyone welcome!

The Curious Duke Gallery will be open on that week end with live painting from Sam Peacock! And don't miss out on our artists, Hannah Adamaszek, KEF! and Andrea Tyrimos painting in the streets for the occasion.

Artist Talk with Dannielle Hodson
From Jul 18, 2013 to Jul 18, 2013

Dannielle Hodson will be giving you an insight in to her art practice, how she got there and what her future holds on Thursday 18th July from 7pm in the basement gallery area at the Curious Duke Gallery. Hodson will be revealing tales from her days as a Women\\\\\\\'s Fashion student at Central Saint Martins and the people behind her beautifully surreal art work.

Curious Duke Gallery artist of the month Dannielle Hodson will also be discussing the reasons of her range of materials and mediums, from oil painting to her doodles and exploring the connections between the mediums she uses with the subject matters she portrays.

Drawing from the notions of the Absurd whereby, there is no meaning to be found in the world except for what we give to it, Hodson tackles values, belief systems and asks big questions who are we and what does it all mean? Identity is at the core of Hodson’s practice working between objectivity and subjectivity Hodson creates a body of work that depicts the time we live in and how we place ourselves in it.

The short talk will be followed by a Q & A session and accompanied with a champagne and canapés reception.

This is a FREE ticketed event, please follow the link to claim your free ticket.

The doors open at 6:30 and the talk will start at 7:00pm so please come early to ensure entrance and a seat.

Thursday 18th July from 6:30pm-8:30.

Art and champagne
From Jul 13, 2013 to Jul 13, 2013

Art and Champagne at the Curious Duke

Join us on Saturday 13th July for our afternoon of art discussion and champagne sipping from 12-4. A perfect way to spend a chilled out Saturday afternoon, come and visit us for some creative conversation and an opportunity to speak to our expert team and founder of Curious Duke Gallery, Eleni Duke, about art buying and starting your own art collection.

Quench your thirst for creativity with the Curious Duke.

Insider Gallery Launch
From May 28, 2013 to Jun 13, 2013

Private View : thursday 30th may from 6 to 9 pm

Global Street Art and Test Space are delighted to announce the first in a series of pop-up shows as the Insider Gallery from 28th of May to 13th June at 207 Whitecross Street in Islington.

The inaugural launch of the show will feature 15 artists, including Inkie, Dank, Hunto, Masai, Parlee, Benjamin Murphy, Pogger, Andy Corlett, Ferres, Captain Kris, SPzero76, International Nobody, Sliks, Branco and Matteus Bailon from Brazil. The names of more artists will be released in the coming days.

About Global Street Art:
Global Street Art is the largest online archive of street art and graffiti in the World and has an important editorial voice with roughly 80,000 fans on Facebook. Global Street Art are also the founders of the Walls Project, which has gained permission for nearly 200 legal street art murals in the past year. Global Street Art supports a range of agency functions.

For more information please see,
or @globalstreetart.

About Test Space:
Test Space is a creative agency established in 2010, developing innovative and new ways to showcase artists and their work, making use of temporary, unusual and abandoned property to do this.
For more information please see,
or @testspaceUK.

The little Art shop
From May 16, 2013 to May 25, 2013

CDG becomes the Little Art Shop for electic art finds.

Please note; This is not an exhibition, so please do bring your shopping bags and form an orderly queue.

Curious Duke Gallery will be turning it's two floor showcase into a coffer of affordable imagination and surreal orginal art.

Beer, Art & Business Networking
From May 16, 2013 to May 16, 2013

From 7 pm

Join us for our next Networking session at the Curious Duke Gallery in Whitecross Street, London,EC1Y 8QP.

The setting is very informal for business networking over a few beers along with our Artist talk from London Based Andrea Tyrimos.

Andrea Tyrimos graduated in Fine Art from Central St Martins in 2009, and has exhibited extensively since then. She has been mentioned in publications such as ‘Time-Out’ and ‘an magazine’, and has won awards including the ‘Signature Art People’s Choice Painting Award’ and the ‘Art & Escape Award’.

We\\\'ll update you with more info as we get close to the date, if anyone would like to talk about their business to our crowd in a future event contact me via meetup group.

if you are on twitter, do follow us on @londonsbiznet and spread the word please:).

We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Grand Designs live
From May 4, 2013 to May 12, 2013

Curious Duke Gallery will be at the Grand Designs Live so come visit us at the stand E45

Disparate Motives
From Apr 30, 2013 to May 4, 2013

Private View Tuesday 30 April 6pm - 9pm

Art brings together eight people who would otherwise never have got together

In the exhibition Disparate Motives, Curious Duke Gallery shows eight artists from backgrounds that could barely be more different. Born across four decades, from self-taught to MA, teachers, mothers, engineers... but all driven to make art. Through Magenta Art in North London, these artists have met, bantered, argued and played off each other until someone suggested an exhibition. In some ways they share a theme, the only theme any contemporary artist has, their reaction to the time and place they live in - in this case London 2013, but the work they produce varies greatly. Driven by their experiences, the people in their lives, the places they have come from and the things they have seen: Disparate Motives.

Contributing Artists: Mary Ruggeri, Toni Ali, Michaela Latham, Christopher Ward, Brendon O’Hanlon, Michael Hutchison, Kate O’Hanlon, Ed Cousland.

Twitter @MagentaArt

Affordable Art Fair
From Apr 26, 2013 to Apr 28, 2013

Curious Duke Gallery will be at the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol so come visit us at the stand E13

Dirty Linen
From Apr 23, 2013 to Apr 27, 2013

Cross Arts Projects presents


Emerging artist collective, XAP, recent graduates of Central Saint Martins, are airing their new works in public. What’s hidden down in the cellar, behind the closed door or the twitching curtain? Truths hinted at, truths exposed.... or swept once more under the carpet? Do we re-examine our complacency, or realise our complicity?
Visitors are invited to throw away their own dirty linen... an embarrassing object or a shameful memory can be tossed in with the laundry, or Tweet @xartsprojects or #dirtylinen.
XAP have been successfully collaborating on projects and exhibitions for over five years. Working across a variety of media, using different processes, ‘Dirty Linen’ showcases their emerging talent.

Private View: Wed 6.00 – 9.00

From Mar 28, 2013 to Apr 19, 2013

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

One reason why art holds such a power over the human race is its ability to transport the viewer from reality to a fantastic, inspiring and landscape where for a moment reality is left behind and we are welcomed into the world of what the artist intended.

Wayfarer intends to explore different ways artists have been influenced by travel, the city they live in in their own style. Putting aside reality and interpreting landscapes and people how in their own unique style and fashion.

Exhibited Artists :

Agnetha Sjögren
Andrea Tyrimos
Bethe Crews
Emily Hannon
Hannah Adamaszek
Mark Powell
Sam Peacock
Sue Young Lee
Sandra Jorden
Tannaz Oroumchi
Vicky Scott

Wayfarer will be exhibiting at Curious Duke Gallery from the 28th March – 19th April 2013.

Curious Duke Gallery
207 Whitecross Street

Artist Talk with Sam Peacock
From Apr 10, 2013 to Apr 10, 2013

Abstract painter Sam Peacock will be giving a short talk on how his experiences of travel have shaped his artistic practice, and changed his colour pallette, followed by questions and answers. Sam will be joined by Curious Duke Gallery's founder and curator Eleni Duke who will lead the evening, and briefly talk about the curation of Wayfarer- an exhibition on travel. This will be a ticketed event with a champagne reception. Wayfarer will be exhibiting at Curious Duke Gallery from the 28th March– 19th April 2013. Private View 28th March 6-9pm.

From Mar 10, 2013 to Mar 24, 2013

\"Kütmaan\" is the Arabic for the act of hiding or concealing

This work forms part of a five-year photographic project documenting the realities of life for some LGBT individuals in the Middle East between 2010 and 2012.
The images in this exhibition tell diverse personal stories and relate the experiences of those LGBT people who are forced to claim asylum based on their sexuality or gender identity.
The exhibition highlights the circumstances of Iranian and Iraqi LGBT refugees in central Anatolia, before their resettlement in Europe or North America, and also explores LGBT Kurdish identity in south eastern Turkey, and how these communities are seeking legal equality and acceptance.

Young Masters
From Feb 7, 2013 to Mar 7, 2013

Curious Duke Gallery, show off some of the UK’s biggest emerging art talents who are bringing mastery back to the ever evolving contemporary art world. Curious Duke will be showcasing incredible new talents that use traditional techniques in a manner that is more relevant to popular culture. Young Masters will be bridging the gap between street art and fine art, using old techniques on new surfaces and rediscovering that emphatic desire and ambition that so many old masters displayed in their paintings, in a more contemporary fashion. Curious Duke, aim to show Britain that mastery is still apparent in today’s young emerging art world.

Exhibiting artists:
Andrea Tyrimos
Ben Levy
Dannielle Hodson
Darren MacPherson
Hannah Downing
Kate Knight
Kareena Zerefos
Mark Powell
Otto D'Ambra
Richard Goold
Paul Don Smith
Sam Shendi
Sue Young Lee

Young Masters will be exhibiting at Curious Duke Gallery from the 7th February – 7th March 2013.

Curious Duke Gallery
207 Whitecross Street

Be Smart About Art First Fridays
From Mar 1, 2013 to Mar 1, 2013

Whilst the focus is on getting to know your art fellows, we like offering more. You are given Top Networking Tips each month, and additionally, you learn about the art on display with the Curator's talk.

#bsaaff is a Members-only event.
Guests pay £15 each to attend and are allowed to visit once prior to committing to Membership.

Curiouser and Curiouser
From Jan 24, 2013 to Jan 30, 2013

For over a hundred years, Lewis Carroll has been enthralling readers with his fantastical writing and ingenious word play. Though most famed for “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, Carroll penned a number of books and nonsense poems, as well as being a renowned photographer, logician and mathematician. Now, to celebrate his 181st birthday, a group of nineteen illustrators will be exploring his work through a weeklong exhibition at the Curious Duke Gallery running from January 24th to 30th.

JANUARY 24th- 30th

(Private view complete with Mad Hatter’s tea-party January 24th, 6 – 9 pm)


MONDAY- FRIDAY: 11:30am – 6:30pm

SATURDAY: 12:00am – 4:00pm

SUNDAY: closed

Curious Duke Gallery, Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8QP

Nearest Tubes: Old Street, Barbican

Hans Seawright
From Jan 15, 2013 to Jan 23, 2013

Under the Christmas Tree
From Nov 22, 2012 to Dec 11, 2012

This Christmas Curious Duke have everything to make your present buying experience as easy as possible, we will even gift wrap each item for you for FREE.
Curious Duke Gallery will be gathering unique delights for everyone for under £500 with prices starting at as little as £3 there is something to thrill the creative taste buds of your work colleagues and family member’s alike.
Our walls will be packed with affordable original presents from November 22nd - December 22nd with handmade jewellery, original illustrations, original paintings and delicate ceramics. There will be something for everyone. Don’t believe us…you will have to see for yourself.
This Christmas there are no excuses for bad presents, let the Duke be your guide.
Under the Christmas Tree.
Curious Duke Gallery
207 Whitecross Street
22nd November 2012 - 22nd December 2012
PV: 22nd November
(mince pies and mulled wine will be available to those who have been good throughout the year, we have the list)

The Curiosity Society
From Oct 4, 2012 to Nov 15, 2012

The Curious Duke Gallery takes over Hoxton Hotel.

Curious Crafts returns!
From Oct 18, 2012 to Nov 10, 2012

Following last years success, Curious Crafts will be back in our gallery showcasing the work of Designer – Makers in all it’s glassware, ceramic, jewellery, crafty goodness.

Affordable Art Fair
From Oct 25, 2012 to Oct 29, 2012

We are pleased to announce that we will be taking a number of our artists to this years Affordable Art Fair in Battersea. More details coming soon…

It’s our First Birthday!
From Oct 2, 2012 to Oct 12, 2012

We will be celebrating our first year of art life this september! To mark this milestone we will be exhibiting our artists alongside welcoming some new to the fold. We also have some very exciting news; Premiere Art will be merging with its sister company Curious Duke Gallery!

Exhibiting artists:

Agnetha Sjögren
Andrea Tyrimos
David Merta
Hannah Adamaszek
Joanna Rose Tidey
Kareena Zerefos
Karoline Rerrie
Katherine Tromans
Mr Four Fingers
Otto D’Ambra
Patrick Collier
Silvia Krupinska
Tannaz Oroumchi
Vicky Scott
Vikram Kushwah

Art in Flux – a Premiere Art exhibition
From May 5, 2012 to May 13, 2012

Art in Flux is Premiere Arts and Curious Duke gallery biggest exhibition to date. Working with 22 different artists, Premiere Art and Curious Duke gallery aim to introduce the viewer to the many manifestations that an image can take.

Premiere Art aim to show the public how one can alter the interior of your home and office with a whole range of different styles and concepts for you to select from. Premiere Art is offering the opportunity to see how one artist can change the theme of a room/space. With each wall representing a different artist the viewer can witness their impact and effect upon an atmosphere.

From Apr 2, 2012 to Apr 10, 2012

Cave consists of two artists exploring the notion of a Dystopia, Showing a body of work focusing on themes of evolution and mutation within fabricated worlds.

This show coincides with the Prophesized end of the world this year, brought about by the end of the Mayan calendar. Praying upon the hysteria and madness this myth has inspired within our culture, this show will be two artists’ attempts to visualise and explore what may be left after the end of the world.
The spaces cave like interior seems the perfect place for this setting, as creativity started upon the walls the cave, it seems a fitting place for it to be at the end of the world.